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Spearfishing: The Oldest Form of Fishing


There is something about spearfishing that gives it a kind of primordial sense of hunting; it is more selective than throwing lines in the water; you choose what you will be taking for supper that night.

Before you Spearfish
Like other diving activities, spearfishing has a level of risk. The buddy system is vital. Even if you are an experienced spearfisher, we recommend you hire a spearfishing guide with freediver training. There are several options when it comes to private reef spearfishing tours, whether you want a personalized experience or want to target a specific trophy fish. If you have never spearfished before, a half-day reef tour is the best introduction to the sport, or Bluewater spearfishing for the more experienced or intermediate spearfisherman.

Depending on the season and your skills, you can find yellowtail tuna, wahoo, dorado / Mahi Mahi, Leopard Grouper, Pacific Crevalle Jack, Pacific Dog Snapper, and Pacific Sierra. All recreational sportsfishing activity in Mexico for anyone over 14 years old requires a fishing license. You can go to the official site. It is very simple, and the best part is that it is in English Most tours don’t include the license, and we recommend you prepare the day before your trip.

Where to Spearfish
-Cabo San Lucas (the tip of the Baja) is the meeting point for the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean and it is considered the ideal environment for marine life because of its currents and nutrient-filled waters.
-Gordo Banks is seven miles offshore from the San José del Cabo marina. It is a giant undersea mountain, its highest peak 102ft below the surface. Its surface is covered with black and wire corals. The top of the seamount is usually visited by schools of jacks, snappers, and creole fish which, in turn, invite predators such as tuna, wahoo, and marlin.
-San Evaristo is a small fishing community in front of Isla San Jose. The trip is for the true adventurer since it is home to many rocks and reefs. Populated by families of fishermen, it is a great adventure even though it is somewhat far away. Spearfishing here allows for multiple experiences for all skill levels because of the numerous spots and depths.
-La Paz is the capital city of Baja California Sur; the crystal water offers the best opportunity for diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing.
-The Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortes, is considered the ‘World’s Aquarium’ because it contains an abundance of fascinating fish species. Cerralvo Island or Espiritu Santo are ideal for hunting pargo and other reef game fish species.

Wherever you decide to immerse yourself to spearfish, spearfishing in Baja is a once in a lifetime experience. From the breathtaking underwater scenery to the variety of fauna, these sights are unlike anywhere else in the world and will make for an unforgettable trip.

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