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The Baja Bubble: Nobel Laureate George Smoot Talks About Living in Cabo


In an exclusive interview with Destino, Nobel Prize laureate George Smoot, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to science, shared his unique perspective on Cabo, its natural beauty, and the imperative need to preserve the environment. As a seasonal resident of Cabo, Smoot has kept a low profile in the media, making this interview a rare glimpse into his personal connection with our destination.

Nobel laureate discovering Cabo’s Relaxing Aura:

Smoot recounted his initial encounter with Cabo, revealing that about 20-25 years ago, during his global travels, he sought a place to unwind. Cabo’s allure became apparent as he explored timeshare opportunities, and the tranquility of the place resonated with him deeply. «The moment I stepped here, I felt my body relax,» Smoot expressed, emphasizing the calming effect of Cabo’s unique atmosphere. Eventually opting for a condo, he found solace in the quiet and relaxed environment, providing a perfect balance between work and leisure.

Cabo’s Hospitality and Natural Wonders:

Smoot praised the warmth and hospitality of the local people, highlighting their welcoming attitude towards tourists. He delved into his experiences with Cabo’s natural wonders, recounting adventures in bird watching, observing giant manta rays, and witnessing awe-inspiring whale jumps. According to Smoot, these experiences contribute to making Cabo an extraordinary destination.


The Gastronomic Delights of Cabo:

Sharing his love for local cuisine, Smoot emphasized the significance of trying various Mexican foods, from Carnitas to fresh seafood. He recounted a memorable family experience at La Garita, a restaurant where they made their own tortillas—a moment that added a special touch to their Christmas celebration.

Reflecting on Cabo’s evolution, Smoot expressed mixed feelings about its growth, acknowledging the benefits to the local community but also lamenting the loss of some rustic charm. He underscored the importance of preserving Cabo’s unique culture while adapting to the future.

Addressing environmental concerns, Smoot passionately advocated for the protection of local ecosystems. Drawing from his own involvement in turtle protection programs, he called upon the audience to be mindful of their impact on the environment. He urged listeners to reconsider not only their use of plastic but also the sustainability of their consumption of local fauna.

The Global Impact of Local Actions:

Smoot emphasized the interconnectedness of global and local actions, urging individuals to think globally while acting locally. He stressed the profound impact of local decisions on the global environment, emphasizing the responsibility each person holds in safeguarding our planet.

George Smoot’s insights into Cabo’s natural beauty, cultural richness, and the urgency of environmental preservation provide a compelling narrative. As a distinguished figure in the scientific community, Smoot’s advocacy for sustainable practices and environmental awareness resonates beyond Cabo, inspiring a collective commitment to protect the world we share. Listen to the full interview on Destino’s podcast, Baja 101, for a deeper dive into the perspectives of local figures shaping the vibrant life in Cabo.

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