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Crafting Love Stories with La Floristería


From our Latest IssueFlowers are meant to be seen. As a symbol of romance, they decorate moments and milestones. They say “I love you”, “Get well soon” or “I’m thinking about you.” If there is someone that understands the importance of flowers it is Ximena and her husband Rodrigo, from la Floristería. Like many others they were forced to rethink their careers during the pandemic and discovered their new passion: flower arrangements. Ximena worked as an architect and Rodrigo in sales. They joined forces, each with their unique talents, and ventured into the flower industry.

As the wedding industry exploded in Los Cabos with more than 30 weddings a week during the season, the need for wedding vendors grew, including flower arrangements. Rodrigo and Ximena seized the opportunity and their business blossomed. “Flowers tell you how to feel” Ximena shared, “we get to help brides transmit their vision with arrangements.” Whether its a classic wedding with all white flowers or a colorful wedding with a lively color palette, flowers can elevate an event. They are the cherry on top and making their clients’ vision come to life has given Ximena and Rodrigo’s business a special sense of purpose. The day of, you can find them in the venue arranging the flowers themselves. “We put our whole heart and soul into our work. We make sure everything looks perfect, so it’s important we’re there!” Rodrigo told Destino.

Communication is key, not only when it comes to planning a wedding but in marriage in general. As newlyweds themselves, Rodrigo and Ximena understand the importance and pride themselves in making the whole experience seamless for the bride and groom. In order to help couples enjoy the process, they make sure they enjoy it as well. Their own love story has helped them tell other love stories through flowers, which is another example of how if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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