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Diamante Luxury Resort Prepares to Shine as Host for the PGA Tour: Insights from Mike Abbott


Golf enthusiasts and spectators eagerly anticipate the first week of November as Diamante Luxury Resort in Cabo San Lucas gears up to host the much-anticipated World Wide Technology Championship. The corridors adorned with spectacular courses and a thriving tourism industry emphasize golf’s importance in Cabo. We spoke to Mike Abbott, the Vice President of Operations of the Legacy Properties, a private club within the Diamante community, and he shared exclusive insights into the resort’s preparations and the excitement swirling around this prestigious tournament.

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From the early stages of development, when Ken Jowdy laid the foundation of what was to become a golf haven, Mike Abbott’s involvement has been vital. After the opening of the Dunes Course, he set out to pursue other golf related business opportunities, always with the promise of coming back for the opening of Diamante’s third course.  

With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for the sport, when the tournament organizers set their eyes on Los Cabos as a potential host, Abbott directed them to El Cardonal, the second course built at Diamante, setting the stage for the journey that has now culminated in Diamante hosting the PGA Tour event and signing a five-year contract.

«Cabo San Lucas has always had great golf,» he explains. This event, Mike believes, is an opportunity to validate Cabo as a golf paradise on the global stage as well as display everything this destination has to offer; from its scenery to its gastronomy.

How does a resort prepare for an event of this magnitude? As anticipation builds for the event, Mike Abbott provides a sneak peek into the forthcoming PGA tournament. Central to the excitement is the El Cardonal golf course at Diamante, designed by none other than golf legend Tiger Woods. This course is Diamante’s second championship course and Tiger’s first-ever golf course design. «The venue itself sets up for great golf,» Abbott enthuses. 

Turning the spotlight to the challenges that the El Cardonal golf course poses to players, Abbott highlights Tiger Woods’ emphasis on shot-making and strategic decision-making. The course’s variety of hole angles, challenging green complexes, and diverse shot values provide a testing ground that requires players to think critically about their approach. It’s a course that invites players to showcase their versatility and creativity, in line with Tiger Woods’ approach to the sport.

The player lineup is a topic that naturally intrigues many, and Mike Abbott sheds light on what to expect. While the exact lineup will evolve as the event approaches, Cabo’s charm and the allure of the El Cardonal golf course are expected to attract a mix of established stars and emerging talents. Abbott notes that Cabo’s reputation as a destination for both relaxation and recreation could encourage top-ranked players to participate. Beyond the on-course competition, Abbott believes that the sense of community and camaraderie will resonate with players and attendees alike.

The impact this event will have on this destination is nothing short of history in the making. “They aren’t going to be just taking pictures of golfers hitting the ball into the hole- they’ll be showing Cabo San Lucas!” shares Abbott. With over 30 hours of TV broadcasted not only in Mexico and The US but the whole world, Los Cabos will be magnified, which is a big reason why locals and businesses of all sizes should get behind this tournament. “It’s a great opportunity to show off the whole community so I hope everybody puts on their Sunday best!” 

This PGA Tour event is more than a mere showcase of golf—it’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the heartwarming hospitality that Cabo is renowned for. With a keen emphasis on fostering a family-friendly ambiance, the tournament has been curated to cater to all kinds of attendees, from seasoned golf aficionados to those discovering the sport for the first time.

“That’s truly the essence of golf – it has the power to unite individuals and families. Golf’s charm lies in its ability to bring people together. It’s not just about playing the sport; it’s about enjoying a walk, spending quality time with your family, soaking in the sunshine, and enjoying some great food. Even if I were a professional golfer attending the tournament, I’d bring my family along to savor the day because that’s how I define the spirit of golf,” he shared. 

As the World Wide Technology Championship approaches, it carries with it the promise of not only showcasing exceptional golfing talent but also uniting people through the love of the sport This event encapsulates the very spirit of Cabo San Lucas – a place where scenic beauty, friendly hospitality, and the joy of coming together converge. As the world watches and Cabo takes center stage, it’s a testament to the power of sport to transcend boundaries and create lasting memories. The World Wide Technology Championship isn’t just a golf tournament; it’s a celebration of community, passion, and the remarkable essence of Cabo itself.

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