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ART in Baja Sur


artwalk_sketch_low San José Galleries The ARTE Gallery is a blacksmith shop, art studio and gallery established in 1997 at Plaza Paulina. The gallery features Julian Garcia Forcelledo of Mexico City who worked with Spanish painter Virgilio Ruiz for seven years. Julian Garcia Forcelledo has been an autodidactic sculptor for more than 18 years. THE AMBER GALLERY features beautiful amber jewelry, sculptures, perfume bottles and rare insect and plant fossils in amber made by designer Ron Sanford, as well as other items from Chiapas. They specialize in rare Chiapas red amber. The Gallery also features photographs by internationally-acclaimed Bruce Herman. CASA DAHLIA GALLERY features some of Baja’s top contemporary artists, ranging from native folk art, mixed media, fusion and abstract landscapes. Abstract artist Leah Porter opened the Gallery in 2006, and her paintings are described as meditative in nature and expressive in color, often representing a minimal landscape. Other artists may include Lisa Joyce-Hill, Fernando Tames, Patricia Larsen, Luis Espiridion, Sondra Richardson, and Karla Freeman. GALERIA CORSICA has three galleries in Puerto Vallarta and one in San Jose del Cabo. The Galeria Corsica team is made up of people from diverse origins who share a passion for art and a desire to make it accessible to everyone. This Galleria displays museum-quality fine art made by internationally-renowned Mexican masters and promising young talents, and with more than 50 artists represented, it is a favorite among collectors. DESERTICA ART GALLERY has galleries in both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. They feature paintings, wood sculptures and furniture, paper artwork, pottery and many unique pieces. EL ARMARIO Folk Art and Coffee Patio is known as “the cutest shop in town,” and it lives up to its reputation. Owner Cynthia Castro displays unique selections of Mexican Folk Art from every region of the country. Plus, it is a great place to sit down outside for a cappuccino or a smoothie if you’re tired of walking. Another fun stop is the darling cafe, LE PETITE MASALA. Try their delicious Indian samosas with a mint, mango or Salty Lassie. The mint is a personal favorite! And just across the street is the Flora’s Farm outlet, where you can find fresh veggies, or perhaps a gift of handmade soap in all your favorite scents. The FRANK ARNOLD GALLERY is the working studio of international abstract painter and sculptor Frank Arnold. “Like de Kooning, Gorky, or Hans Hofmann, Frank Arnold paints from his gut.” – Glen Starkey, New Times, San Luis Obispo, CA. The artist’s website describes his paintings and sculptures as «personal, yet universal.» He works in oil on canvas and cast bronze. GALERIA IDA VICTORIA is not to be missed. Owner/Artist Ida Gustavson has a degree in Illustration from Parsons School of Design, and her husband Pete Signorelli is the designer in charge of the Custom Frame Studio. The two have created a friendly space, featuring the artwork of 25 established as well as emerging contemporary artists from the US, Mexico and Canada, a colorful eclectic collection of original art and sculpture, always selected with humor and a vibrant twist.» You might find yourself lucky enough to be there while the gallery sponsors a local event. IVAN GUADERRAMA ART GALLERY was established in 2004 by the founder of the same name in its original location of Chihuahua, Mexico. The gallery has grown, and now San Jose del Cabo houses its art work, a variety of styles and genres specializing in contemporary Christian art work. LA SACRISTIA ART & HISTORY is a charming gallery where you can find the best of Mexican art, folk art and crafts, sculptures, silvery jewelry, pottery — such as black pottery from Oaxaca and alebrijes. This gallery is fun, fanciful, and not to be missed! MATA ORTIZ POTTERY GALLERY is a personal favorite. They feature exquisite beautiful pottery, which is a recreation of the pre-Hispanic pottery found at the archeological site of Paquime in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The pottery is named after the modern town of Mata Ortiz, where a man named Juan Quezada Celado began this tradition of recreating the ancient pottery. The Mata Ortiz potters are artists in the very best sense of the word, and you must visit to appreciate these works of art! MOVIMIENTO ART GALLERY features both residential and corporate art and seems to specialize in modern paintings. MUVEZI FINE AFRICAN ART is a beautiful gallery featuring gorgeous African sculptures. I first saw these sculptures while visiting the northern part of South Africa, so when I discovered them in our back yard in San Jose del Cabo, I was very excited! Muvezi Gallery features Shona Artists from Zimbabwe, recognized as some of the world’s finest stone sculptors! In addition to traditional African styles, the Shona artists produce amazing abstract and modern pieces. Another wonderful thing about investing in Muvezi Art is that 10% of the selling price is donated to the Muvezi Health Project, with Muvesi matching another 10%, for a total donation of 20%. This is sent to Africa as “Love” (a silver product that prevents and treats malaria) and is distributed within mission hospitals. Each $10 sent to Africa will effectively treat malaria for one individual. Beautiful art, beautiful donation! We continue our Art Walk with OLD TOWN GALLERY, featuring eight renowned artists: Alan Wylie, Brent Heighton, Cheryl Tuck Tallon, Denyse Klette, John Einerssen, Mike Svob, George Scholl and Richard McDiarmid all producing many lovely Mexican scenes on canvas. PATRICIA MENDOZA ART GALLERY has goals of reaching out beyond the walls to make art available for everybody. Founded in 2008, Patricia Mendoza has created an art gallery for Mexican artists, to further expand the country’s unique expressions and visions. artcabologo  ]]>

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