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Where The Locals Eat – Baja Beans




By Jake Snook

If your memory serves you well, a few months back we provided a culinary review of a locals place by the name of Carlito’s Place, an Asian-fusion spot located in a small town up the west coast of the Baja called Pescadero.Although a small fishing village, the flavors that Pescadero brings out are nonetheless, mighty. This month we are going to circle back to the little farm-to-table town in order to share one of my personal favorite spots on the entire Baja Peninsula.For nearly 10 years, Baja Beans has been serving single origin Veracruz, Mexico grown, small batch roasted coffee to the patrons of the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. Their flavors and level of quality has landed them the capability to be sold at organic retail markets and events, directly out of their location in Pescadero and a partnership with one of the most prestigious residence resorts in the entire Cabo San Lucas area.Owners Alec and April Tidey left Vancouver for Mexico in order to start a new chapter of life in Pescadero. Their café was opened and rapidly became one of the most popular places to visit on a Sunday afternoon as they host events for the local community to sell their art, jewelry, clothes and homegrown foods.Even if you don’t “love” coffee, this place has something for you. A couple items on the menu to note that absolutely will blow your socks off are not only coming from the baristas, but also are on display in a glass encasing next to the register. Their three- berry scone, consisting of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are crumble-apart melt-in-your mouth delicious that will not only have you finishing it before the coffee arrives but will certainly deserve a take-home one as well. Along this same line, the banana scone, topped with one fresh strawberry slice, pairs greatly with any coffee beverage, hot and cold alike.The cappuccinos have a handcrafted picture via the baristas talents of layering hot milk into swans, hearts and leaves. Ask for Alejandro if he is available, the kid has got some serious handcrafting skills! Black coffee and iced coffees as well are packed with robust, earthy flavors that drive the scents into the air, through the courtyard and into the dirt parking lot just outside the gates.Hot foods like quesadillas and nachos, along with daily specials (such as roasted watermelon ceviche, yum!) are also available for purchase. T-shirts and bags of coffee are also there to not only help with marketing, but to represent and share something so original and special that you will want to bring others back in order for them to experience the same level of pleasure and satisfaction.Find out more about Baja Beans on their website, or hop on their Facebook to check-in and let friends and family know where this little hole-in-the-wall is located. We here at Destino want to remind you that good food is best shared with great company; go see what this spot has to offer. Happy eating! 

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