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Tips on tipping in Los Cabos


In Mexico it’s customary to leave a tip for a good service, this propina (pro-pee-nah) is part of the day-to-day for locals and tourist. It will depend on things like the service you are paying or how happy you are with the attention received. Mastering the tipping culture in Mexico is most important when visiting a place so full of activities and places to visit like Los Cabos.

How much should you be tipping? 

The golden rule for tipping at restaurants is to keep it between 15% to 20% of your total check. This means the tip will always depend on where you are eating and how much you order.  However, keep in mind that in Cabo (as in many other places), the waiting staff main income comes from the tips they receive during their shift. Don’t be shy of being generous with your tips whenever you have the chance.

Should you tip in Pesos or Dollars?

Although it is common to think about tipping in the local currency, given how many American people spend time in Los Cabos, locals and tourists trade in American dollars all the time. When it comes to tipping, make the decision that feels more natural to you. It may be easier to tip in US dollars rather than trying to split your money into pesos.

Check for service fees.

Some restaurants may charge the tip directly into your check. This will usually be at the bottom of the check marked as “servicio” (ser-bee-sea-o). When this is the case there is no need for an additional tip. 

Tipping in cash or card.

Carrying cash in Los Cabos is always a good practice. It’s common to find cash-only restaurants even in heavily transited areas. Just as with choosing a currency, feel free to do what feels easier for you at the moment.

Where else should you be tipping in Los Cabos?

While you know you should be tipping at the restaurant, there are many other situations where you may not have it as clear. For all these, the usual recommendation is to take 50 pesos (2~3 US dollars) as your baseline tip, but never hesitate about adding an extra. It’s always better to overtip than to not tip enough.

Drivers: While not the most common, feel free to leave a tip if your driver left an especially good impression on you or just as a way of saying thanks. 

Parking: Besides valet services, you may find people helping you park and unpark in some streets. They only do this for tips.

Helpers: People offering you a hand to get your bags into your car or helping you bag your things at the grocery store.

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