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The Mexican Posada


Have you heard of posadas? These are the Mexican version of Christmas parties and they’re incredibly fun! Traditionally they take place from December 16 to the 24th to commemorate St. Joseph and the very pregnant Virgin Mary’s search for a place to stay and where Jesus could be born. Posadas originated in the early conquest days and came together to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas day. If you’re planning on having a posada, these are the elements you must have.


Piñatas made for posadas must have seven points, each representing a capital sin. They are commonly filled with candy, fruit and peanuts. Hitting the piñata with a stick symbolizes faith defeating temptation. Here’s the catch: you have to blindfolded.


These are a sort of party favors handed out at the end of the posada for guests.


We have four words for you: Mexican christmas fruit punch. It’s hot, its flavorful and  it is traditionally prepared with tejocote (hawthorn), sugarcane, tamarind, apple, pear, guava, and cinnamon sticks. Be careful if they offer you ponche con piquete, or you might end up having too much fun!


Steamed corn dough filled with different kinds of stews. They’re very popular during the holiday season.


The litany is essential although modern posadas will have Christmas carols. Guests split into two groups, half stay inside and represent the inn-keepers and half go outside and represent Joseph and Mary. Each side takes turns to sing the lyrics which are normally printed out and handed out to everyone. This part is especially fun if you’ve already had some ponche con piquete.

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