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The Legalities of Getting Married in Los Cabos


Should you have your civic ceremony in Los Cabos?

A civil ceremony is the legal process that changes your marital status from «single» to «married». While you can rest assured that a civil ceremony performed in Los Cabos will be recognized worldwide, it’s often recommended to have a civil ceremony in your hometown and then celebrate with a religious or symbolic ceremony in Cabo San Lucas. This will facilitate the paperwork while celebrating your love in this stunning destination.

Everything you will need for your civil ceremony

The first thing we recommend to make your dream wedding a reality is to enlist the services of a trusted wedding planner. They will guide you through the entire process, from legal requirements to choosing the perfect venue and ensuring every detail reflects your vision.

To have a civil ceremony in Los Cabos without any setbacks you will need the following documents:
  1. Birth Certificates: Bring original copies of both partners’ birth certificates, along with apostilled copies translated into Spanish by an authorized translator.
  2. Tourist Cards or Visas: As visitors to Mexico, make sure to have your valid tourist cards or visas on hand.
  3. Passports: Don’t forget to carry the original passports, as well as copies for both partners.
  4. Parental Information: Provide the names, addresses, nationalities, occupations, and ages of both sets of parents.
  5. Health Certificate and Blood Tests: Before the ceremony, both the bride and groom will need health certificates and blood tests, including screenings for V.D.R.L., HIV, and Rh factor. Remember to have these tests done in Mexico at least 3 to 4 days before your Cabo wedding. The results remain valid for 15 days.
  6. Witnesses: You’ll need two witnesses for the bride and two for the groom. Ensure they have valid passports and bring both original documents and copies.
  7. Additional Requirements: If widowed, bring the original and apostilled Death Certificate, translated into Spanish. In the case of divorce, provide the original and apostilled copy of your final divorce decree, translated into Spanish. Please note that you must have finalized the divorce for a minimum of one year. If the bride or groom is adopted, you must also provide adoption papers.

The cost of a civil ceremony, including the wedding license, paperwork, and related expenses, is around $800. This investment ensures your union is legally recognized and provides peace of mind as you begin your new chapter as a married couple.

More things to consider if you’re getting married in Los Cabos

Religious Ceremonies and Additional Requirements:
If you plan to have a Catholic church wedding in Los Cabos, please note that there may be additional paperwork required from your church at home. It’s essential to consult with your church and wedding planner to prepare in advance all necessary documents.

Timing Considerations:
Keep in mind that in Los Cabos, official authorities do not conduct ceremonies on Saturdays, Sundays, or Mexican holidays, including Easter Week.

It’s also important to note that most hotels in Los Cabos require the bride, groom, and witnesses to be in Mexico at least 3 business days before the wedding. This excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and Mexican holidays. Take advantage of this time to relax, indulge in the local culture, and finalize any last-minute preparations.

Language Assistance:
To ensure smooth communication during your ceremony, you have the option to hire a professional interpreter for approximately $100. Alternatively, your wedding planner or a trusted friend can assist in translating during the ceremony.


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