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the Joy of Swimming With Sea Lions in La Paz




By Cabo Trek

There is nothing better than swimming with sea lions, dolphins and still relaxing on a deserted beach paradise. But that would only get even better in the company of friends, just women on the boat. The purpose of this tour, besides exploring marine life was to encourage the practice of diving/freediving. A group that has emerged in Baja California Sur called Scuba Girls Los Cabos is intended to encourage, support and exchange experiences among women divers and non-divers, but that all have in common the passion for the sea.

The adventure started in the city of La Paz, 160 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas, one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Baja California Sur, and gateway to the Sea of Cortez.On the way to the sea lion colony, a big surprise was an encounter with bottlenose dolphins. They are intelligent, sociable, and curious animals and approached the boat providing a magical experience for all on board.

Following was a trip to the San Rafaelito islet where there are Californian sea lions and a diversity of marine species such as corals and fish. Definitely snorkeling with these animals is one of the experiences that everyone should live. Sea lions are carnivorous mammals adapted to live in the water and feed mainly on fish. They have playful and docile behavior with divers. It’s common to find them on the surface with the flippers out of the water, this is for thermoregulation of body temperature.

The islet belongs to the Protected Area of Balandra Beach and some rules must be fulfilled for the safety of tourists and for environmental preservation. It’s mandatory to use a life jacket for swimming, to keep a recommended distance of 5 meters from sea lions, and not to touch any animals including sea stars, corals and others.

After the incredible experience of swimming with sea lions it was time to relax on Balandra, which is a Natural Protected Area created in 2012 due to its ecological importance with more than 2,500 hectares of area. There is a mangrove system and its an important breeding and feeding area for endangered and endemic species.

During the tour good practices were adopted to reduce waste, such as the use of reusable water bottles. With the support of the Zero Waste Los Cabos group, that encourages the reutilization of each and every resource, the experience of that incredible day in La Paz was complete.

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