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Sunset, Seafood, and Splendor: GastroVino Delight at Kahal, Rancho Pescadero


An enchanting evening unfolded on Saturday, December 9th, at Kahal, Rancho Pescadero, during the GastroVino Baja Fest. As the sun gracefully set over the Baja horizon and whales leapt in the distance, a meticulously curated dining experience awaited—flavors, premium wines, and an atmosphere that transcended the ordinary.



The Host:

Rancho Pescadero is a serene retreat that seamlessly blends luxury with the natural beauty of the Pacific coast. This boutique resort offers an immersive experience, captivating guests with its stunning ocean views, lush gardens, and a commitment to sustainability. With an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and a warm, welcoming ambiance, the resort provides a perfect setting for memorable evenings, making it an ideal host for events like the Kahal Pairing Dinner for the GastroVino Baja Fest.


The Chef:

Chef Sandro Falbo is responsible for crafting magic at Kahal and Botánica in Rancho Pescadero. With more than three decades of culinary adventures around the world, Chef Falbo isn’t just cooking; he’s telling a story on your plate. From the first bite to the last, he took guests on a flavor journey we won’t soon forget. Chef Sandro Falbo has proven that dining isn’t just about eating; it’s about experiencing, and he did just that with an unforgettable six-course feast.


The Wine:

Speaking of wine, Lourdes Martínez Ojeda, the talented winemaker at Bruma, and Alonso Granados, the creative force at Decantos, brought their expertise to the evening. They provided fantastic descriptions for each wine, enriching the tasting experience. It’s a wonderful thing to understand the story behind each wine, learning why it’s paired with a specific dish and gaining insight into the decision-making process behind planning such a spectacular dinner.


The Menu:

The  journey began with Kahal’s special cured and smoked Pacific seafood, paired perfectly with Bruma Winery’s Plan B Sauvignon Blanc. Next up, we enjoyed a slow-cooked manta calamari ribbon, matched with a white blend from Decantos Winery. My personal favorite was the truffle capellini, made even better with Ocho Rosé. Then came a seafood raviolo in parmesan cream sauce, paired with Casa Jipi’s Sauvignon Blanc. Following that, we dug into a cacio e pepe fish filet on herbed braised lentils, paired with Decantos’ Clásico Mexicano Blanco. The feast continued with compressed short ribs and millefeuille, served slightly chilled with Nebbiolo 2021 by Casa Jipi. Finally, dessert was a low-temperature baked chocolate flan with goat ice cream, enjoyed alongside Decantos’ Clásico Australiano Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon Blend. Each dish was like a chapter in a delicious story, making our dining experience truly unforgettable.

The Festival:

GastroVino Baja Food and Wine Festival is a celebration of the vibrant flavors and exquisite wines that define Baja California’s culinary scene, bringing together renowned chefs, talented winemakers, and enthusiastic foodies. It’s been going on for 11 years during the month of December with a variety of events in Todos Santos and Pescadero. The experience at Kahal was a taste of what this festival offers! Kahal at Rancho Pescadero invites you to enjoy a magical night of delicious food. From the beautiful sunset to the tasty dishes, this food adventure will stay with you, showcasing Chef Sandro Falbo’s talent and the charm of Baja’s food scene. A trip to Kahal isn’t just dinner; it’s a chance to taste something extraordinary.


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