domingo, julio 21, 2024

Spotlight: Simply Divine


Where your Cabo house becomes home It’s a familiar story; American couple visits Cabo for the first time and from the very first second, they fall in love with Cabo San Lucas, El Arco, Land’s End, the weather and of course, the people here. Such is our story as well. My name is Rob Hendrix. My wife, Diane, and I first visited Cabo in 1999. Neither of us will ever forget throwing open the curtains of our hotel room on the 7th floor of Villa Del Palmar and seeing the Arch, the turquoise blue waters of Medano Bay and a huge cruise ship. It was like a postcard, almost too beautiful and perfect to be true! We made a promise to ourselves on that day, that very moment in fact, to make Cabo our home some day. This day has come. We are the owners of Simply Divine Cabo, a new store quite unlike anything we have seen in all of our visits to Cabo. We will be featuring a wonderful variety of stylish women’s clothing, intriguing jewelry items and most importantly, home decor’ items. The scope and variety of home decor’ pieces will be amazing and constantly growing and expanding as we import more and more into Cabo. We will have centerpieces, wreaths, arrangements etc made from the highest quality artificial flowers so they are maintenance free and will last many years! We will have an amazing array of potted artificial house plants for those who have a home here but do not necessarily live in Cabo year round, again, not low maintenance but actually no maintenance! And we will be happy to custom make these same items to your particular tastes and decorating scheme. In addition, we do Christmas. And do we do Christmas! Wreaths large and small; up to six feet in diameter! Christmas trees up to nine feet tall! Gorgeous Holiday centerpieces too! All stunningly beautiful, all artificial and all low maintenance and easy to store. We are beyond thrilled to be here and to have the unbelievable good fortune to see our dreams come true.]]>

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