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In the Spotlight: CABO FLYBOARD


Flyboarding is one of the newest and most extreme water sports in the world. The Flyboard is an accessory connected to and powered by a personal water craft, which allows a user to fly and even be propelled underwater. Users are connected to the board by wakeboard boots, under which, through a special 60-foot hose, a personal watercraft provides thrust, and users are able to fly. A certified trainer controls the throttle, and the Flyboarder has full control of movement and direction. Cabo Flyboard’s focus on great customer service and safety has allowed the company to achieve its goal of ensuring every customer leaves happy. Its level of service is unmatched and paired with friendly, knowledgeable staff, the unique experience it delivers has earned Cabo Flyboard much praise and prestige in the tourism industry and ranked it as the No. 1 Flyboard company in the world on Every customer at Cabo Flyboard is treated to professional, first-class, one-on-one, private lessons. If you are still unsure about giving Flyboarding a try, you can stop by Cabo Flyboard’s beach store and office right behind Mango Deck at Médano Beach. Watch some videos and learn more about the experience. Cabo Flyboard guests have ranged in age from 7 years old to 79 years young so far. Minimum weight required is 70 pounds; it goes up to a maximum of 350 pounds. Cabo Flyboard is also an authorized GoPro distributor, and it stocks everything from, GoPro cameras and accessories to Quiksilver gear, sunscreen, beach toys, and anything else for a fun day in the sand. Cabo Flyboard is a small, family-run business; Jason and Paulina tailored this amazing experience for you to have an unforgettable time, and they know details matter. Spectators always ride free, and Cabo Flyboard also offers the most affordable GoPro HD video packages in the area. If you have one, you are more than welcome to bring your own camera. To book a Flyboard experience, you can go online at, where Cabo Flyboard offers a pre-booking discount. You can also visit its shop at the beach seven days a week, or give them a call at (624) 143-0146. The best way to learn more about Cabo Flyboard is by reading its reviews on; you can also check out its daily feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.]]>

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