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Anna_cropped Anna was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and photography was a family legacy. Her grandfather worked as a photographer for newspapers in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for over three decades. It was her father’s 35mm Olympus OM-10 film camera that got her started and which she would use from high school through college. Anna used the film camera to mainly experiment, using outdated films, cross-processing and spending time in the darkroom. During her years at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo that camera became her constant companion. Her lens was pointed to the everyday life around her and that practice became heavily influenced by modernist architecture as well as graphic design, her major. While still in college, Anna started to work as a photographer’s assistant, namely for Claudio Edinger a prestigious Brazilian photographer and portraitist. A couple of years after receiving her university degree, she had the opportunity to continue her studies at University of California in San Diego. What started out as a 6 months trip to further her education in California, ended up being an ever-continuing journey that led her to Los Cabos. During her 5 years in California, after finishing her post bac at UCSD, Anna focused her energies on graphic design working for a local company as their in-house designer. The experience of working with graphic design gave Anna new tools to understand images. Even though taking a break from photography she continued working with visual aesthetics, delving into illustration and pattern-design among others. Her life changed again upon meeting her mentor, wedding photographer Amy Bennett in Cabo. Anna found herself in what she describes as a fantastic world that results from the merging between the breathtaking sceneries and grand marvelous wedding celebrations. Four years went by and Anna is now an accomplished wedding photographer, having worked on over 100 weddings on her own or with other photographers, in Cabo, California and Brazil. During that time she developed a mixed style of photography, that blends documentary and editorial, while being extremely attentive to detail and comprehensiveness. Weaving between graphic design and photography provided Anna with a clean and balanced aesthetic style. Also being an avid traveler and her photography draws plenty from the environments and people she finds herself surrounded with. Personal projects are an important part of Anna’s photography, such as Hurricane Odile’s photographs done on the days of the aftermath of the category 3 hurricane that hit Cabo in September of 2014. Anna considers her job a privileged one, for she gets an intimate view of a day in the life of her clients, a day that many dream about. For Anna the chance to connect with the people she works with is what makes life so enjoyable. Anna offers photography services for weddings and also families and couple’s lifestyle photography. Anna is also part of where she takes clients for a mix of portrait session and site seeing.]]>

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