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Southern Baja Home Inspections FAQs


When buying or selling property, you enter a world that requires many different skillsets. That’s why finding the right people for each task should be on the top of your priority list. One thing that becomes evident is the importance of knowing the condition of the property itself. A proper house inspection is needed to know the condition of the plumbing, air conditioning, and electricity systems, all essential to our lives. Our friends at Southern Baja Home Inspections helped us answer the most frequent questions they get when people come looking for home inspection inquiries.


How much does a home inspection cost?

When doing a proper home inspection, no stone can be left unturned. Every possible issue has to be addressed. And the bigger the house, the more there is to check, which is why square footage is the main factor when evaluating the cost of a home inspection.


How long do home inspections take to complete?

This will also depend greatly on the size of the property, but it’s not the only thing to have in mind. While a regular 3,000 square feet house could take about an hour to inspect, it can easily take longer if the space has a pool/spa, firepit, solar panel system, BBQ, etc.


When will the report be completed?

We make it our priority to offer you the quality and professional service you want when buying or selling property. When you enlist our services, you can rest assured that the complete, detailed report will be sent to your email within 24 hours of the home inspection!


How far will you travel for a home inspection?

We will travel wherever you need us to, whether your property is in Los Cabos, Todos Santos, East Cape, La Paz, or anywhere in between.


How long have you been doing home inspections?

We have been doing home inspections for three years. In that time, we have performed over 400 home inspections in Cabo San Lucas, building a reputation and collecting testimonies as more and more clients choose us and trust us with the inspection of their properties.


What is the difference between inspecting a home in Mexico vs the US?

For better or worse Mexico has its own way of doing things. Even though regulations for new constructions are in place, they might not always be enforced. That has led to people cutting corners and properties not having the standards you want and expect for your new house. Doing home inspections in Mexico means being aware of these practices and knowing where to look so our clients can be fully informed on any possible issues.


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