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A South Baja Roadtrip


sanjose_low After a liberating stretch and the peaceful sunrise I’d spend some nice beach time and then go for a delicious smoothie and breakfast in downtown San Jose. I’d relax for a while and then head out to the magical East Cape. On my way out of San Jose I make a must-do stop for some road goodies like peanuts, chips, cookies, water, ice, beer, etc., and then head on the new paved road to the East Cape. On my arrival to the cape, I would check out Shipwrecks beach and hang out under the thatched palm umbrellas.  Shipwrecks is a great surf spot for those of you who love uncrowded surfing. I’d maybe camp there or drive up the coast on the dirt road for about half an hour to Vinorama, also called Punta Perfecta. This dirt road is a favorite of mine as it goes next to the ocean making the views and sights awesome. By the way, Punta Perfecta is also great for surfing. Here, I would check in at the local Vinorama accommodations and forget about everything for a few days. Spending my days between beach time, chill time, pool time, relax time, eating and sleeping. My next destination on that marvelous coastal dirt road would be Los Frailes bay for some snorkeling. I’d stay at the local cabanas, enjoy a catch of the day and snorkel all morning at the north end of the bay. Lots of hammock time and that’s it. I’d spend many days there and do day trips to Cabo Pulmo reef, just 15 minutes away, for some more stunning snorkeling and some amazing fish tacos at a palapa restaurant . A couple of my day trips would definitely be to La Sirenita beach which is on the southern most point of Cabo Pulmo bay and to La Fortuna botanical gardens which are near La Ribera fishing community. After these unforgettable days of beach time, I would then drive into the base of the Sierra de La Laguna mountain range. But first I’d have some shrimp tacos at an oasis restaurant in Santiago town before going into the dirt trails that lead into the waterfalls and hot springs. I’d rent out a forest cabin for a few nights at either the Fox Canyon or Santa Rita Ranch. This area is very healing, hiking its trails, swimming in its waterfalls and cold pools, and relaxing in its hot springs makes you feel like new. After a few nights of the best star gazing ever, it would be time for some city action. So I would go to La Paz. lapaz_low From Santiago to La Paz the drive on the highway is also very beautiful, first you pass Los Barriles, where an obligatory stop for a  fish and chips plate is on the itinerary. This drive goes through the mountains first passing along San Antonio town and then El Triunfo town, where there is a peculiar piano museum and a huge 35 meter brick smokestack chimney from the old gold and silver industry of the town. The chimney was designed by Gustav Eiffel, and El Triunfo was once one of the biggest towns of Baja  due to the mining jobs. Up to 10,000 miners once lived there. The town was also a cultural centre and that is the reason of the piano museum. Upon arriving in La Paz I’d spend the morning and then sunset at the popular Malecón (Boardwalk), just walking it and taking a few breaks on a bench to sit and observe life. Then have some great lunch somewhere and for sure book a boat day trip to Isla Espiritu Santo which is a beautiful island just off La Paz. I’ve never been to Isla Espiritu Santo before, so when I go I’ll tell you more about it. All I know is that it’s amazing and the snorkeling is great. Another place I’ve never been to is Balandra beach near La Paz and definitely going to make some time to check it out also. I know the coast near La Paz has many wonderful beaches, so visiting as many as possible of them would be in my plans. So now, money and time would be running out, so it would be time to start  heading  back home to Los Cabos. After leaving La Paz, it would be on to Todos Santos for some ceviche at one of the delicious sea food restaurants, and then some beach time at either Cerritos or San Pedritos, which are some of the wonderful beaches in the area great for surfing and memorable sunsets too. Finally, before heading home, I would try to eat at one of the farm-to-table restaurants in Pescadero town, have a skate session at the radical park and buy some fruits at one of the fruit stands on the highway.  And on this same beautiful highway, which a friend and I call “The Imax Highway” because of the impressive views, I would take a calm and peaceful one hour drive back home to Los Cabos. That is what I would do. I guess my plan is ready! * loretopolaroid_low    ]]>

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