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Social Cabo – October 2017


Los Cabos is full of amazing people and dedicated workers who have worked diligently to get Cabo clean, beautiful and ready for visitors once again! Immediately after the storm, while many of the restaurants and bars along Medano Beach were waiting for health authorities (COFEPRIS) to allow them to reopen, hotel and restaurant employees, vendors and even some tourists began picking up trash and sifting sand to get the beach picture perfect in only a few days. Despite losing his leg in an accident at only 1 year old, resident break dancer Max Martinez could be seen shoveling debris along the beach with his Baja Breaking dance crew including members Aaron, Roberto, David, Benjamin, and Antonio. “It’s important that we all cooperate cleaning up our beaches. Not only this time, but all the time.” [translated] said Martinez. The Baja Breakers are a group of incredibly athletic young men who perform acrobatic dance shows all around Cabo. You can catch their break dancing routine daily at Mango Deck on Medano Beach. If you enjoy their show, don’t forget to drop a few dollars into their collection hat because these boys work only for tips! @CaboBreakerFamily Speaking of the Mango Deck, being closed for a week didn’t stop this group of hard working employees. Not only did they help clean up the beach, but they also spent several days cleaning and sweeping streets leading to Medano, around Marina Sol, up the hill to Hacienda Beach Club, and all the way out to Lázaro Cárdenas, the main street through downtown Cabo. @MangoDeck Other restaurants and hotels including Cabo Villas Beach Resort/Cachet Beach Hotel Los Cabos, Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa, and Billygan’s Beach Club led their own massive beach cleaning efforts to transform Medano Beach back to its original beauty and proving that the people of Los Cabos are truly unstoppable! @CaboVillasBeachResort @CachetBeachCabo @CasaDoradaCabo @BillygansBeachClub In anticipation of a slow and stormy month, The Office on Medano Beach closes every year for the entire month of September for cleaning, remodeling and staff vacations. This year The Office will be having a reopening party on Monday October 2nd. All proceeds from the reopening will be donated to the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department who collected and distributed donations immediately after the storm. More information can be found on their Facebook page. @TheOfficeOnTheBeach Milky Way Café was also closed all month, explaining “Closed all September for employee vacation and some heavy cleaning up after the Storm” @MilkyWayCABO As of September 7, about half of restaurants around Cabo had reopened with most others opening in the following days. Some restaurants opened quickly after the storm, including Cabo Wabo, Tiki Bar on the marina, Cabo Bakery, Sancho’s and Cabo Cantina, however, others like Misiones de Kino were not quite so lucky. The GoFundMe page set up for the owners and staff of Misiones de Kino describes, “The restaurant endured an electrical and gas fire caused by an enormous amount of rain from Tropical Storm Lidia…Their kitchen, interior and palapa suffered a total loss. Misiones de Kino has been in Cabo for nearly 22 years, let’s keep them going by helping them rebuild and keep their employees employed.” Sadly, some staff lost not only their jobs and livelihood but their homes too! You can find more information and donation link on their Facebook page. @MisionesDeKino Despite the destruction, Cabo looks as good as new. If you are ready for a vacation, now is a wonderful time to book a trip to Los Cabos! Airlines and hotels are offering great deals to promote tourism in this area and get locals back on their feet. Cabo and the people living here thrive on tourism, so one of the best ways to help, beside monetary and physical donations, is by spending your vacation dollars here in Cabo. Most hospitality workers (maids, bartenders, servers, pool staff, etc.) earn between $8-$10usd salary per day. Some lost everything during Tropical Storm Lidia and/or Hurricane Odile back in 2014, yet still show up to work every day with a great attitude and smile on their face. So please remember to always tip, and tip well. A few extra dollars will make someone’s day. One of my favorite things about living in Mexico is the people. They are always ready and willing to help and make your stay a memorable one. The moral of the story is…Cabo is safe…Cabo is strong…and Cabo is ready and waiting for you! # C A B O S T R O N G # U N S T O P A B L E # D E S T I N O L O S C A B O S

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