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The Shamans: Only Positive Vibes


What is the story of Shamans? Deep in the heart of Baja, the forces of sound and nature brought three wise wandering spirits together to pursue a collective vision, a band or whatever. The Shamans create sounds fiting in, but not restrained by, the styles of psychedelic, experimental and surfy rock. We play at local bars here and there like Syriaccus and Baja Brewing Co, sometimes bringing superjams with many local musicians. We play a more mellowed-out rock set Tuesday’s and Saturdays at Flora Farm, and we play events, parties and weddings. Shamans How would you describe the music scene in Los Cabos? It’s good, there’s some really awesome local bands and musicians around right now doing cool and interesting stuff, and it’s grown quite a bit. Who is your favorite local surfer? This one is complicated because we’re all local surfers and most of the best surfers around are our friends! Where do you see The Shamans in 5 years? We’ll probably all be presidents…[laughs], who knows what the future holds, but most definitely we will still be making sweet sounds for sweet people. Why the name The Shamans? Well, while we like the idea of shamans being healers and connecting you to nature, the spiritual world and all that trippy stuff, mostly it was just the name we all liked the best because it sounded good. That was the most appropriate one for all crowds [laughs]. What can you tell all the surfers out there about the local surf scene in Los Cabos? It’s good!  Los Cabos is a great place to surf with lots of really fun and cool spots. Be respectful to them to be treated well by everyone. What have the last surf contest music scenes been like and what is it like being a part of it? The contests like the Los Cabos Open of Surf have brought pretty cool music scenes down with all different kinds of musicians. It was awesome being able to jam with some of them, and to just watch them too. The contests brought good crowds for trippy surfy bands like us, which was nice. How does surfing relate to your music? Well, a lot of the music we play has some very surfy elements, we’ve always been into old surf and psychedelic music, and everything we play would most likely generally appeal to the surf crowd since well, we’re a part of it [laughs]. ShamansLogo]]>

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