jueves, abril 25, 2024

SANTIAGO & SABINA Solórzano – Mezcal Connoisseurs and Business Owners


La Perdida - Santiago What is mezcal? Well, as someone once said: “there are very few things that remain truly Mexican…and mezcal is clearly one of them.” Sabina, a passionate Egyptologist, and Santiago, a regretful lawyer, fell in love with mezcal the moment they tasted it. Its smokiness, purity and Mexicanity overwhelmed their senses straight away, not to mention the great experience they had while visiting some of the most famous maestros mezcaleros in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico. “La Perdida” at Villa Valentina is Sabina and Santiago’s second mezcal project –“El Perlado” in downtown San José being the first one. Its main goal is the education of anyone willing to learn more about mezcal and its many varieties by offering the widest available selection of “traditional” mezcals, 100% agave, no added chemicals or sugars, and a true Mexican flavour. These mezcals come from at least eight Mexican States and represent no less than 30 agave varieties. The rules are simple: put yourself in Sabina and Santiago´s hands and let yourself immerse in the world of mezcal…you will not regret it! Reservations/tastings – Contact Santiago on his mobile:  624 159 4244 Email: santiago@elperlado.com and sabina@elperlado.com www.elperlado.com Facebook: El Perlado Mezcalería]]>

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