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Sabor A Cabo – International Food & Wine Festival


«Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.» [Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are] [Dime lo que comes, y te diré quién eres] – Brillat-Savarin Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, 1826 Destino Magazine is happy to invite you to the most fun, dynamic, and sophisticated event of the year, SABOR A CABO. To give you a closer look into this unique happening, we have interviewed the king of kings, a man whose gastronomic trajectory speaks for itself. Once, Baja California Sur’s Secretary of Tourism, one of the coordinators of the 2012 Los Cabos G20 Summit, and a celebrated gastronome who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He has been praised by the media as a Mexican representative in culinary tourism and economic growth, which is why he is entrusted as a generator for economic and social development. Mr. Turquie was kind enough to give us a tour through the journey you are about to experience. At Destino, we know that this is your vacation, and that is why we make it our pleasure to inform and entertain you! We love telling our readers what there is to do! We understand that what you want to know, and read about, is one and one thing only: What are the locals up to? What do they know and how do they do it? Step a little closer, you are about to enter the most exclusive inner circle of this town. Happy Travels! DESTINO: Talk to us about Sabor a Cabo. Mr. Turquie: Sabor a Cabo, as its name says, represents the essence of Cabo, our people, our gastronomy, our service, and our unique landscapes and natural views, inspiring you to live the ambiance we create, every day and night. DESTINO: What the story behind Sabor a Cabo? Mr. Turquie: This annual celebration is the idea of 10 founding partners, who together have represented the gastronomic community of our tourist destination. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of people who give their service through a diversity of enterprises and businesses dedicated to the local community, and the travelers that visit Los Cabos daily, Sabor a Cabo has gained its recognition as “The Event” of Los Cabos, throughout the last 11 years. DESTINO: Who are the founding partners? Mr. Turquie: Jacobo Turquie, Edith Jiménez, Luis Alvarado, Carmen Carbajal, Ulises Méndez, Alfonso Vázquez, Jorge Viaña, Carlos Narro, Denis Gabriel, and Giammarco Vela. DESTINO: What is the intention behind Sabor a Cabo, and who benefits from this event? Mr. Turquie: The event is, and will be, a way to support those who need it the most. Those whose service takes care of the wellbeing of our businesses, as much as the community at large. We are talking about the Fire Fighters and the Red Cross. The funds and earnings accumulated in each year’s event, are donated to these institutions, for their benefit, so they can offer better services. The passion to serve and entertain, the diversity that characterizes this area, the resources that are granted upon us, plus the talent of the so many regions that have found in Los Cabos a new home, makes the experience of Sabor a Cabo a delight to all the senses! DESTINO: What makes 2017, a special year for Sabor a Cabo? Mr. Turquie: This year, we will offer different things, like distributing participant restaurants in different zones, all designed with ambience and live music from start to end, when we will all enjoy the stellar final concert. Also, people will find less tables and more cocktail booths, lounge style areas, and more, to invite comfort. DESTINO: Tell us about the stellar program of this year? Mr. Turquie: We are still deciding who will be the star of this year’s concert. We are looking to present somebody that is relevant and attractive to the local community, nationals and foreigners, as much as all tourists, and the North American expat community that lives in Los Cabos. The event is happening December 9th, beginning at 5:00pm MT, and ending before midnight. The concert usually begins around 10:00pm MT. The participants include more than 50 restaurants and 25 wineries, presenting their oenologists and owners.


As if the promise of spending your Cabo day enjoying the art of degustation – tasting innovative and delicious Mexican gourmet dishes and regional Baja wines, listening to music in a most relaxing and fun ambiance, between Cabo moguls, mega stars, friends and lovers – was not enough to inspire you to attend, here is the cherry on top. Sabor a Cabo is Los Cabos offering to you. Every restaurant participates with an amazing display of their signature recipes, and chefs have the opportunity to serve more than 3,000 attendees. Everyone, except for the star band and those dedicated to the stage and production efforts, donates their produce and products, along with their time, in service of your enjoyment. Entrance costs from $100 to $300 US dollars per ticket, and includes all food and drinks for the night, and the concert. A percentage of the money gathered through tickets sales, is estimated before the closing of the event. This percentage will be donated to each of the beneficiaries, like it is done every year! You’ll be happy to know that this money has provided for ambulances, fire trucks, and needed equipment. This year, the venue owners’ foundation that supports local families affected by recent natural disasters, will be included.

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Want to learn some Spanish for such a special day? “Gracias por los alimentos que vamos a compartir y gracias a los que los prepararon con amor para nosotros.” May Sabor a Cabo bring you happiness!]]>

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