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Sabor a Cabo 2023 is Here and You Don’t Want to Miss It


Welcome to Sabor a Cabo 2023, the ultimate culinary fiesta that promises an unforgettable experience for every foodie out there! Picture this: a gastronomic extravaganza where flavors dance on your palate. Where over 50 restaurants showcase their finest creations, complemented by the expertise of 45 wineries. And all set against the stunning backdrop of Los Cabos.

What to expect of Sabor a Cabo 2023

This year’s edition of Savor Cabo isn’t just about food; it’s an all-encompassing celebration of taste, creativity, and cultural fusion. It’s where top-notch international chefs gather, and put all their expertise and passion into each dish. From unforgettable seafood, to luxurious grilled meats and innovative vegetarian options, the event offers an eclectic array of culinary wonders.

But it’s not just about what’s on your plate – mixology takes center stage too. You will be able to experience a world of expertly crafted cocktails. Where skilled bartenders whip up refreshing drinks that perfectly complement the gastronomic delights on offer. The combination of flavors and drinks at Savor Cabo is a true feast for the senses.

The Show Is Not Over

Now, let’s talk about the highlight of the evening – the electrifying performance by Juanes! The multiple Grammy-winning artist is all set to ignite the stage. Expect a show filled with energy and the most acclaimed songs of this world-class artist.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Imagine a thrilling culinary showdown where talented chefs from six renowned Los Cabos restaurants go head-to-head, competing for the coveted title of the event’s best dish.

And after that, get ready to party into the night at the exclusive after-party. With a surprise international DJ lined up, the beats will keep you grooving till the early hours.

In conclusion; Savor Cabo has truly become the crown jewel of culinary events in Baja California Sur, and this year’s edition promises an experience like no other. Join us on Saturday, December 2nd, at the splendid Club Campestre San José. Secure your tickets through the official event website and prepare to experience the flavors of Baja!

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