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Rituals of Renewal: Pura Salon’s Transformative Hair Treatments


At Pura Salon, the pursuit of beauty is harmoniously entwined with a commitment to
sustainability and a profound connection to nature. The salon’s rituals, featuring
renowned Italian brand Davines and the Mementos ABC treatments and the
technological marvel that is the Mucota brand. Pura promises a sensory journey that
balances beauty and environmental consciousness. Here are the rituals you
absolutely must try at Pura Salon.



Davines: Where Beauty Meets Sustainability

Davines, an Italian brand renowned for its commitment to the delicate equilibrium
between beauty and sustainability, introduces a transformative hair ritual at Pura
Salon. This ritual embraces natural ingredients, including those certified as organic,
ensuring a luxurious yet environmentally friendly experience.
The core principles of Davines’ ritual include:
● Natural Ingredients: Davines sources natural ingredients, including organically
certified ones, ensuring a blend that not only enhances beauty but also
respects the environment.
● Highly Biodegradable Components: The use of highly biodegradable
ingredients underscores Davines’ dedication to minimizing its ecological
● Zero-Waste Production: Pura ensures that 100% of solid waste generated
during Davines’ production is recycled and reclaimed using renewable energy
sources, further emphasizing their commitment to sustainability.
● Ritualistic Salon Experience: Davines transforms the salon visit into a
vivacious and ritualistic journey, creating an immersive experience for clients.
With ingredients like rice protein and plant-based keratin, Davines’ ritual not only
beautifies but also nurtures the hair, epitomizing a perfect harmony between nature
and science.

Mementos ABC: Personalized Sensorial Journeys

Pura Salon introduces Mementos ABC, an authentic beauty concept that seamlessly
intertwines nature and science in a personalized and sensorial journey. This ritual
offers made-to-measure treatments, tailoring each experience to the unique needs
and time constraints of the client’s hair.
Key features of Mementos ABC include:

● Nature Meets Science: Mementos ABC embraces the union of nature and
science, crafting a personalized journey that resonates with the client’s

● Purified Ingredients: The ritual features purified ingredients, with formulas free
from silicones, sulfates, and parabens, providing a clean and conscious
beauty experience.
● Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Mementos ABC adheres to vegan principles and is
Peta-approved, aligning with global animal test policies for an ethically
conscious experience.
● Conscious Experiences: Infused with ingredients like date and cinnamon,
mango and basil, and pecan and maple syrup, Mementos ABC delivers
conscious experiences that cater to the diverse preferences of clients.

Mucota: Advanced Hair Rehabilitation

For those seeking advanced hair rehabilitation, Pura Salon offers the Mucota
treatment, a technological marvel designed to rescue hair damaged by intense
coloring processes. This premier-level treatment introduces advanced components
such as ceramides, sugars, and cholesterol that reconstruct intercellular lipid
structures. The inclusion of nano-sized collagen and silk protein molecules ensures
deep and comprehensive repair, both internally and externally, leaving hair
revitalized and resilient.
In essence, Pura Salon’s rituals redefine the salon experience, offering more than
just beauty services. They deliver transformative journeys that celebrate individuality,
nurture the hair, and uphold a commitment to sustainable practices – a true
testament to Pura’s dedication to beauty that goes beyond the surface.

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