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Redefining Beauty and Wellness: Pura, Bespoke Hair Salon


Tucked away in a special corner of Cabo San Lucas, you will discover Pura – a bespoke hair salon that redefines the art of hairstyling. While there are many salons that focus solely on aesthetics, at Pura, they believe in a holistic approach that combines looking good, feeling good, and caring for the environment. Their dedication to personalized, high-end hair services and sustainable beauty sets them apart. The moment you step into the salon, you’ll feel your shoulders relax, and you’ll take a deep breath, entering an oasis of beauty.

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The Pura Experience

In 2016, Carmen de la Cruz and Jessica Carrillo brought their vision of holistic beauty to life when they opened their dream salon. Their approach to hair goes beyond mere cutting; it’s about crafting individual masterpieces. The Pura experience begins with a deep understanding of their clients’ unique hair requirements. Whether it’s a classic cut, a bold color transformation, or a revitalizing hair treatment, the skilled professionals at Pura take the time to personalize every service to suit each individual.

Pura offers image consultation services that extend beyond just hair. Their image consultants work closely with clients to identify the style and appearance that best suits their personality and lifestyle, ensuring that their hair complements their overall look.

They pride themselves for staying at the forefront of the beauty industry, continually introducing new services, ranging from luxurious lash treatments to skillfully crafted lash extensions, as well as professional manicure and pedicure options, among others. Carmen and Jessie’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at services alone. The team at Pura remains dedicated to honing their skills and expertise through ongoing training. This ensures that they can consistently bring the latest techniques and trends in the beauty world to Los Cabos, offering clients a refreshing and cutting-edge experience every time they visit the salon.

Sustainability Meets Beauty

Pura’s dedication to preserving the planet for future generations is unmistakable, and their commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of the salon. They have embraced a holistic approach to environmental responsibility, starting with their choice of eco-friendly products. Pura exclusively utilizes high-quality, eco-conscious products and brands that prioritize sustainable beauty. This not only enhances the beauty of their clients but also contributes to the collective responsibility of protecting the environment.

Their commitment to sustainability extends to their zero-waste efforts. They are committed to minimizing waste by using products responsibly and implementing efficient recycling procedures. This guarantees that the salon maintains the same unspoiled beauty as the natural wonders of Cabo San Lucas, reflecting their mission to blend top-notch services with eco-conscious practices.


More Than Just a Salon

At Pura, they uphold a profound belief that a visit to the hair salon should transcend being a mere beauty treatment; it should be an enriching experience that leaves clients feeling revitalized, motivated, and empowered. Their services go beyond the realm of traditional hair care; they offer a transformative journey to help individuals rediscover and embrace their authentic selves.

Their philosophy is the establishment of trusted relationships with their clients. Pura aspires to cultivate enduring connections, ensuring that every client who walks into the salon feels like they are at home, cared for by dedicated experts who genuinely prioritize their well-being. This commitment fosters an environment permeated by positive energy, warmth, and comfort, allowing clients to unwind, relax, and encounter a rejuvenated sense of self during their visit.

Beyond the pursuit of beauty, Pura stands as an advocate for embracing uniqueness, transcendence, and authenticity. Their mission goes beyond conforming to conventional standards; it’s about celebrating the individuality of each client. Pura strives to make clients feel distinct, not by fitting them into predefined molds, but by honoring and magnifying their unique essence, ensuring that every visit transcends the ordinary and leaves a lasting impact.

When clients step into Pura, they’re not just stepping into a salon; they’re entering a sanctuary where beauty, wellness, and sustainability harmonize to create an extraordinary experience. Discover the transformation that goes beyond hair – a transformation that celebrates the essence of who you are.

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