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Profile – Alana Blanchard


Being out of the water you don’t realize how beautiful and amazing it is. Once you go under there it’s so cool to be in a completely different world than the one you’re living in Alana was born in her home on the island of Kauai on March 5th, 1990. She learned how to surf at Hanalei Pier with her father around age 4 and started competing at age 9, and ever since she has been traveling to surf professionally –and for leisure– at amazing destinations around the world. This year, Blanchard has partnered with the Los Cabos Open of Surf, so this June in Los Cabos don’t miss the chance to spot her in the water tearing-it-up or simply having fun in the sun. In the meantime, here is an exclusive interview with Destino Los Cabos Magazine so you can get to know her a little better: Surfing has allowed you to travel the globe, what would you say is your favorite surf break in the world? What’s your favorite surf break in Los Cabos? Pine Trees at home in Kauai is probably my favorite break there, but one of my favorite waves ever is definitely Zippers. I always have so much fun surfing that wave and it’s hard to beat Cabo as a location to hang out. You grew up in Kauai, one of the most beautiful places in the world, what makes you most proud of your home town? Kauai is so peaceful and beautiful. Everything there is always so lush and vibrant. I love coming home there after being on the road so much. Being fit is part of a surfers lifestyle, how do you train for a competition? I’ve been more focused lately on creating content around surfing than doing contests, but it’s really important to me to stay fit and healthy. I’m always doing something active to stay fit on the road and at home. I go to the gym, go running and surf all the time. What’s your favorite healthy snack before hitting the waves? I love all kinds of fruit, so usually that’s my snack before hitting the water. What can you tell us about your new Foundation? I’m really excited about the foundation. We started it to help girls in need in surfing. I was super fortunate to have great sponsors, like Rip Curl helping me to get around to all the crazy places that you need to get to compete in the sport. There are so many talented girls in surfing who don’t have enough sponsorship support to get to the next levels of the sport, so the foundation has been established to help provide for that. I’m really excited to hopefully help some young Mexican surfers to get to the next levels of surfing. When you’re not in the water, what do you do for fun? When I’m not surfing, I’m usually cruising with my friends or my boyfriend, working out, relaxing, or cooking a yummy vegan meal. What is your favorite thing about Los Cabos? I love Los Cabos so much! It’s such a fun place to visit with your friends to have a great time and surf and go out on the town, and also to just come with your family and just chill and relax. The people are also so amazing. Cabo has everything you could want. It’s kind of like the perfect place. ]]>

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