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Preserving the Underwater Beauty of Cabo Pulmo




By International Community Foundation

Diving gives you the opportunity to experience an entirely different world under water. Through diving, whether with scuba gear or not, you are able to interact with marine life and the extraordinary environment they live in. These underwater wonders vary from place to place and are astonishing in their own sense. But in Cabo Pulmo, the underwater world is like no other, flourishing beyond belief with hundreds of sharks, manta rays, endless bodies of fish and the most breathtaking coral reef.

Cabo Pulmo is world-renowned for its beauty and biodiverse marine ecosystems and additionally has the only coral reef in the area. Thousands of conscious divers travel there and are instantly humbled by their experience in being in presence of this magnificent underwater world. Although, it is now known for its biological importance, Cabo Pulmo was once on the periphery of vanishing. At one point, threats from over fishing, unsustainable tourism, and mega developments caused damage to this place.

Due to the peril of losing the beauty of their home, local residents became vigilant about the risks posing a threat to the health of the coastal waters and reef ecosystem. From this environmental conscious movement, Amigos para la Conservacion de Cabo Pulmo, A.C. (ACCP) was born.

ACCP is a small but dynamic organization committed to the conservation of their little corner of the planet. Their vision is focused on continuing to make Cabo Pulmo a sanctuary for its marine and terrestrial life. Their work is based on the importance of involving their community in the conservation efforts to protect the place they call home. Through their efforts they have successfully revived the reef of Cabo Pulmo, which is especially important as this reef is the oldest in the American Pacific and the largest in the Gulf of California, therefore a priority for conservation. In addition to their coral reef restoration, they are the only group in the area also committed to monitoring the quality of coastal waters within and surrounding the Cabo Pulmo National Park – essentially important when one is recreational diving.

Except for ACCP, no other entity has taken on the task of promoting the conservation of their community. Their notable success is due to their commitment to enforce and protect this space. However, challenges are ongoing, as tourism in the region grows and puts new pressures on the reefs and the marine populations, which if not addressed, could seriously impact the progress made.

Underwater diving opens one up to life below the water, but without local organizations such as Amigos para la Conservacion de Cabo Pulmo there would be no life below water to explore. Consider supporting ACCP and the amazing work that they are doing by giving a tax-deductible donation to their fund at the International Community Foundation. This fund is part of a long standing initiative to protect the natural beauty and ecological integrity of Cabo Pulmo through collaborative initiatives www.donate.icfdn.org/npo/amigos-para-la-conservacion-de-cabo-pulmo-fund

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