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PATTY GUEVARA – Running enthusiast and owner of Running Tours Los Cabos


Running3 Every day for the last 8 years Patty would wake up and do what she love the most…go for a morning run! Born and raised in Los Cabos, Patty is a passionate runner and she loves meeting new people. She had been working in the tourism industry for the past 15 years, and always found it very rewarding. During these morning runs she encountered many tourists that also shared her passion but noticed they were running aimlessly and missing all the attractions every Los Cabos tourist should see. Inspired by many running tours around the world, Patty and some of her local running partners decided to take the tourist’s experience to whole new level by showing them the key corners of Los Cabos, such as exceptional views that will take your breath away, the best restaurants in town, happening bars, and one of the top marinas in the world! The intention behind this is for visitors to experience Cabo as locals. Running Tours Los Cabos is  an opportunity to share their love for their home town, while sharing their passion for running… It’s an opportunity to give runners a chance to continue their daily routine, to discover new trails or to discover the city for the first time by doing something they love while on vacation. Go and make a friend, practice your Spanish, take the best pictures, learn about other cultures, all while you do what you enjoy the most! CONTACT: www.runningtoursloscabos.com (624) 122 4553 hello@runningtoursloscabos.com Running4]]>

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