viernes, abril 19, 2024

The November Fishing Report


FISHING REPORT All that’s fishy from Lands End to La Paz by Gary Graham With sea temps hovering in the high 80s, «being in hot water» is a good thing – as the hot water attracts wolf packs of feeding sailfish. As the weather turns into fall and the waters begin to cool, the larger striped marlin, as well as the blue and black marlin, will dominate the billfish scene around Baja’s tip in both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, thrilling those who come seeking the ultimate big-game sportfishing experience for some of the largest fish in the ocean. Schools of small skipjack and yellowfin tuna often referred to as «footballs» because of their size and shape, serve several purposes — on light tackle they are a hoot, plus they are an important food source for the larger billfish and huge yellowfin tuna that can reach up to 400+ pounds, earning them the description «cow-sized.» With large schools of the footballs being reported from La Paz to the tip, this could be a banner year for the larger «cows.» They are such a popular catch that a tournament in early November targets them, offering large sums of prize money to those who catch the largest. The wahoo snap that we have been reporting all summer, surprisingly continues. Seldom targeted, many times they are a bonus bite while trolling. They are one of the fastest fish in the ocean and grilled wahoo steaks are a gourmet’s delight. Inshore the dorado frolic — fun to catch and so far, they are plentiful. However, most are small and should be released until a larger one shows up. The bottom fishing on various high spots or pinnacles has been very productive for many. The list is varied: pargo, rainbow runners, yellowtail, pompano, amberjack and tons of triggers. The one trait they all share is they are tough fighters and excellent table fare. Unlike home for most, wherever that is, winter looms. Here in Baja, November is just another word for sunny days and more good fishing. Buena Suerte! three-species_low  ]]>

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