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New Year’s Rituals


By Giovanna Denning

In pre-Christian Rome under the Julian calendar, New Year’s Day was dedicated to Janus, god of gateways and beginnings, for whom January is also named. New Year’s Day is now probably the most celebrated public holiday, often observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone. Other global New Year’s Day traditions include making New Year’s resolutions, calling one’s friends or family, and here in Mexico New Year’s comes with a lot of traditions and good luck rituals to celebrate with your loved ones and to make sure you start off the year, with the right foot! So in case you are a believer or just want something special, fun and filled with meaning to kick off your year, here are a few (not just eating 12 grapes at midnight) Mexican New Year ́s rituals:

Money: On New Year’s Eve, wear your gold as a symbol of economic prosperity. Gold as a metal has a very high vibration and this is you telling the Universe, let’s make it rain! If you don ́t have any gold pieces to show off, have a couple of bills with you, put some in your shoes, to start the new year literally with each foot step full of prosperity. The higher the value of the bills the better.

Clean Slate: Don ́t wait till spring cleaning, like I’ve said New Year’s is a day of gateways and beginnings. Throw out any trash and go all OCD on your house, get rid of any old clothes old magazines, de-clutter your closet and heart, this is a symbol of getting rid of any old blockages or negative energies you and your home might have been carrying over the last few years. Make way for new things and experiences in your life!

Bonus: Light some sandalwood incense after you have cleaned out your entire house and let that impregnate in every room in order to cleanse your house energetically as well.

Love: This is one of the best known Mexican traditions, in order to attract love or strengthen your love life if already coupled. It’s not about what you wear on New Year’s, well yes it is, but on the inside, although we usually refer to your heart or emotions when saying this. No I don ́t mean your pure heart, I mean your panties! It’s all about the panties! If you want to attract passionate love or strengthen the passion in your love life, wear red panties, boxers, briefs (yes men this includes you!). But here is the catch in order for this to work even better, you have to get someone to gift you said panties, so single people unite. If you have a friend that is single, help a sister out and gift them some underwear! (You might want to run by the idea of such a gift with them in order to avoid awkward moments) For those of you who are antisocial or just too shy to ask a friend for red panties as a gift, try asking your family.

Bonus: Wear pink for romance & tenderness, because it’s not always about the passion, or try finding some mixed red and pink underwear, because sometimes we want it all!

Travel: If you want your new baby year to be filled with wanderlust and travel, get your luggage ready. After you are done with all the hugging and the stroke of midnight, grab your luggage and go travel around the block! Call this a law of attraction or sheer determination, but every single time I’ve done this, I always travel at least once or twice a year. Last year I did a little extra and had an old flight ticket with my name on it, scratched out the destination and wrote down Europe, put it inside my luggage and went out to roam my street with my bags and sure enough I went to Ireland! So just in case you don ́t want to leave your travel to chance, go out there and walk a street or two with your bags!

Start of on the Right Foot: At the stroke of midnight make sure your first step is literally with your right foot, this is to start out your year filled with good luck!

To Attract a Future Partner: Make the first person you hug on New Year’s be someone of the opposite sex, if you are looking for someone of the opposite sex. But remember to walk towards them with your right foot down first!

Candles: Candles can make any room feel magical, harmonious and balanced at any time, so it is no wonder why on New Year’s, laying out candles throughout your house can be a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Green: For health and wellbeing Pink: New love and romance Red: Passion and strengthen your love bond Purple: To transmute old negative energy in your life into positive

Blue: Harmony, reach your goals, success and emotional intelligence.

White: Peace and harmony, spiritual healing Gold: Money abundance Yellow: Joy & happiness

Bonus: Light some myrrh incense sandalwood or copal for peace and prosperity.


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