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Mexican Holidays: 8 Fantastic Traditions That Define The Guadalupe-Reyes Extravaganza


The Mexican holidays of Guadalupe-Reyes are a season that stretches from December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to January 6th, Three Kings’ Day, and it’s nothing short of an extravaganza. This festive period is a vibrant blend of Catholic traditions, indigenous customs, and pure holiday cheer. Let’s dive into the heart of Guadalupe-Reyes and explore its defining elements:



  • Our Lady of Guadalupe: It all kicks off on December 12th with the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. Festive processions, masses, and parades fill the streets as Mexicans honor this significant religious figure.
  • Nochebuena: On Christmas Eve, or «Nochebuena,» families gather for a grand feast, featuring traditional delicacies like tamales, bacalao (salted codfish), and ponche, a hot fruit punch. Following this culinary delight is the «Misa de Gallo,» or Midnight Mass.
  • Midnight Mass: Attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is a cherished tradition, with its spiritually uplifting atmosphere. Post-mass, you’ll often find fireworks and joyous music, turning the night into a full-blown celebration.
  • Nativity Scenes: Exquisite nativity scenes, known as «nacimientos,» take center stage as decorations. They intricately depict the Holy Family, angels, shepherds, and the Three Wise Men. These scenes adorn homes, churches, and public spaces, adding a touch of magic to the season.
  • Piñatas: Piñatas aren’t exclusive to Las Posadas. They make regular appearances at Christmas parties throughout Guadalupe-Reyes, symbolizing the breaking of sin. These colorful, papier-mâché creations are typically filled with candies, fruits, and small toys.
  • Día de los Santos Inocentes: On December 28th, a playful twist unfolds, similar to April Fool’s Day, as people engage in light-hearted pranks on «Día de los Santos Inocentes,» the Day of the Innocent Saints.
  • Tamales: Guadalupe-Reyes is not complete without indulging in tamales, a beloved Mexican dish made from masa (corn dough) filled with an array of ingredients. Tamales are a must-have during this festive season.
  • Día de los Reyes: The grand finale of Guadalupe-Reyes is celebrated on January 6th, known as Día de los Reyes or Three Kings’ Day. Families come together for a sumptuous feast, and children excitedly welcome the arrival of the «Three Wise Men» who bring them gifts, marking the end of the holiday season.

Guadalupe-Reyes is the ultimate holiday marathon, a non-stop celebration where Catholic customs and indigenous influences come together in a burst of festive brilliance. If you find yourself in Los Cabos during this lively season, it’s like being handed a party pass for an entire month of holiday fun. So, gear up and join the fiesta, because in Guadalupe-Reyes, the celebration keeps on running! Viva Guadalupe-Reyes!

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