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Meditation OMMM the beach

by Cristina Galullo


At sunset or sunrise, in company or solitude, a few minutes of meditation on the beach can make your vacation in Cabo even more memorable. After all, you’ve come down here to relax and have fun, right? If you are convinced that meditating is bunk and futile, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, guys. Being mindful will make relaxation deeper and can actually be kind of fun! In fact, there are several major benefits supported by scientific research: meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety and depression, decreases high blood pressure, as well as physical pain, reinforces the immune system, improves sleep, memory, self-awareness, creative thinking, and regulates the mood. Find in this do-it-yourself guide how to reach a serene state of mind that will open up all of your senses to joy and pleasure.

Discover your spot

At dusk or dawn, take a walk along the shoreline of your hotel until you come across a tranquil area to spread your towel. Sit as close as possible to the water’s edge to listen to the rhythmic roar of the ocean echoed by the soft lapping of the waves on the shore. This natural soundtrack will instill a sense of peace in your mind.


Pose as you wish

Sit comfortably and cross your legs. Straighten up your spine, align your head, roll your shoulders back and down, and open up your chest. Let your hands rest on your lap or palms face up on your knees. Alternatively, you can lay on your back with straight arms and legs, all your body relaxed, and your lips slightly open in savasana (also known as the corpse pose, a bit creepy, isn’t it?). Close your eyes.


Breathe in the ocean breeze

Correct breathing is key to clear your mind and stay aware throughout the practice. Sticking to the point, the technique I propose here is “Ocean Breathing.” Take a slow, deep inhalation through the nose, and when exhaling, tighten your throat muscles to constrict the flow of air and produce a soft hissing sound resembling the ocean waves. Continue breathing in and out at a low pace while exploring your body and the surroundings.


Feel your body

Whether you are sitting or lying, feel how your whole body is totally relaxed and anchored to the ground. Visualize the air entering through your nose, descending to the lungs, and expanding to all organs. Savor that sense of calm, and if erratic thoughts try to drift you away, focus on your breathing and let them go.


Connect with nature

Feel the sand under your toes and fingers. The moist air caressing your skin, the salty smell of ocean water, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the squawking of seagulls. All these perceptions are your present, a gift of steadiness and serenity. Be thankful for such a gift you are giving yourself.

Stay awake

Bear in mind that the upright posture will keep you alert and focused during the practice, while in savasana, you might lose awareness and fall asleep. Concentrating on your breath and the sounds, smells, and touch of nature will help stay self-centered to avoid dozing off. Meditation is not a nap. It is consciousness at its peak. It is being present and aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.

Gaze at the horizon

When you feel restored in your mind, body, and heart, open your eyes and lose yourself in the immensity of the ocean. You might feel like such a little thing in there, but if you ponder it, the meditative experience will have shown you how big your conscious self can be.

‘With meditation, you become a sensitized superhero, completely in control, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.’ (Tara Stiles, yoga teacher).

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