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MARKET UPDATE: Cabo’s High Season Returns! By Blake Harrignton Traditionally in Los Cabos, we look forward to October each year as the return of our High Season approaches.  As the heat and humidity leave, the visitors to Cabo return.   However, this year, it seems as if there never was a “low-season”!  Breaking all sorts of tourism records, Cabo’s September was busier than ever.  This continues to prove that Cabo remains Mexico’s top destination for Americans and Canadians, at any time of year. With more flights, more tourists, and no slow months, our Real Estate market has also shown incredible movement in the right direction.   As I had mentioned in my July Market Update, real estate sales in 2016 are now up 21% vs 2015.  With our busy September, I’m confident we will see this number trend higher and higher as we get closer to 2017. What we can expect in October and November is the addition of more inventory to our market.  As I’ve touched on in the past in this column, many sellers purposely pull their homes off the market in August and September because of the low season.  We also have some exciting new developments coming onto the market like Solaz, the multiple options at Chileno Bay, Querencia’s beach club towers, and the addition of the Ritz-Carleton Residences in Puerto Los Cabos.  New inventory means new options that are sure to amaze. There’s no doubt Cabo is booming.  Real Estate buyer’s confidence is at an all-time high as Cabo continues to be the top tourist destination in Mexico.  Our market statistics continue to show promise that we are trending in the right direction and for a period of time that gives us a good sample size.  Enjoy Cabo while you are in town – it’s a beautiful place!  For any questions about real estate, don’t hesitate to contact us at *      ]]>

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