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Here are the results for the 4th Annual Marina Puerto Escondido Tournament!


by Gary Graham

The 4th Annual Marina Puerto Escondido Tournament in Loreto was a remarkable event, breaking attendance and prize money records for the fourth consecutive year. Over the weekend, fifty-eight teams competed for cash prizes exceeding $800,000.

The fishing conditions in the Sea of Cortez were excellent, accompanied by ideal weather. The tournament’s fishing boundary extended 65 miles up and down the coast, along with 50 miles off the coast from the Marina. Impressive catches were made in the Dorado and Yellowtail Categories, while the Billfish Category focused on catch and release.

Team Bullrider dominated the Dorado Division with their 44.1-pound fish, earning an impressive $118,550. In the Yellowtail Division, Team Los Cazadores (Fins Up) secured the first-place position with a catch weighing 41.2 pounds.

Director Enrique Salcedo expressed his enthusiasm, stating, ‘Another historical achievement never considered before was establishing the Loreto area as a billfish hotspot. Once again, the fleet exceeded triple digits in the number of billfish caught and released for the fourth consecutive year.’

Team La Chingona claimed victory in the Billfish Division for the second time in three events. Their success and the tournament’s high quality were praised by Martha McNab, who said, ‘We love this tournament. Everything about it is top-rate – the competition, the facility, and the beautiful location. The organizers at MPE go above and beyond to accommodate participants. The camaraderie among the owners, captains, and crew on the docks makes this event truly unique. A big thank you to Enrique, Wendy, and all the staff for their hard work! There is no other tournament like this one in Baja, and we will definitely return next year!’

Here are the key results from the 4th Marina Puerto Escondido Tournament:

The event witnessed the participation of 58 teams and 191 anglers. The final fishing count included 159 Billfish, 27 Dorado, and 33 Yellowtail.

Top Catch & Release Teams:

  • Team La Chingona secured first place with 20 catches, earning $31,100. They also won the Day 2 Catch & Release Jackpot with all 12 catches, bringing their total payout to an impressive $161,600.
  • Sneak Attack 15 claimed the second-place position overall with 15 catches and a total payout of $142,200.

Heaviest Tournament Yellowtail:

  • Los Cazadores (Fins Up) and angler John Grubb won first place with a 41.20 lbs catch, earning a prize of $15,550. They also claimed both Days’ $500 and $1000 Jackpots, winning additional prizes of $25,500 and $23,000 respectively, for a total of $64,050.
  • Team MILF (Baja Dream) and angler Kenny Golden secured second place overall for Yellowtail with a 33.3 lbs catch, earning a prize of $5,850.
  • Los Ken (Chica Italiana) and angler Arturo Cosio finished in third place with their 32.30 lbs Yellowtail catch.

Heaviest Tournament Dorado:

  • Bullrider and angler Trenton Twamley claimed first place with a 44.10 lbs catch, earning a prize of $15,550. They also won the Day 2 Jackpots, amounting to a remarkable total payout of $118,550.
  • Team Retriever and angler Martha Macnab secured second place with their 43.20 lbs catch, earning a prize of $5,850. Their total payout reached $167,850.
  • The Jackpot (Mora) and angler Francisco Astiazaran finished in third place with a 41.2 lbs catch.

For the full tournament results, check the official website of the event.

Mark your calendars for next year’s event, scheduled for May 17-19, 2024!»


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