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boyturtle LOW Turtles need our help! Many natural hazards are a threat and to make things worse, humans have developed a great interest in consuming their eggs. All of these factors combined add-up allowing only 1 out of 1,000 hatchlings to reach maturity. Our job is to make sure that at least the newly fresh laid eggs have a chance to make it, for this purpose we walk through the night in search of the nests. We collect the eggs, which can be between 80 and 180 per nest, and relocate them to a safe spot waiting for the miracle of life. The whole experience is a great opportunity to make new friends while learning new aspects of Cabo’s wildlife. The marine biologists leading the tours are very informative and fun as well! Starting in September things will get even more interesting as newborns start their fight for survival and you can be there to witness this moment and wish them good luck. The one you helped might be the one that one day will come back to lay its own eggs…We’ll never know for sure, but it’s a good dose of Karma. If you happen to be hear around November, chances are high to see Humpbacks breaching right in front of where we place our tent, so start planning your trip. Cabo is awesome year round and don’t forget to choose a reputable company that will make the difference between an average and a wonderful experience. * nightturtle _ LOW]]>

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