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5 FAQs about Los Cabos


I’m Fiona, a Cabo resident, by way of Toronto and then Vancouver. Cabo was always my preferred travel destination and it quickly won my heart! When Covid hit, I took the chance to re-evaluate my busy life and decided to take a chance, quit my job and move to be closer to the sun, sand and of course, tacos! I am fluent in Spanglish, I love to cook and hang out with my 3 rescue dogs. In my past life, I was actively involved in Philanthropy and involved in organizing gala fundraising events. I love to support local causes and spend Saturday mornings helping to feed and clothe the less fortunate here in my hometown of Cabo. When I am not working, you can find me at the beach or one of our fabulous local restaurants. In my spare time, I am connecting with the amazing folks on our Facebook page, and answering all your questions about, “Cabo: everything you need or want to know!”

Today I am going to chat about the “top 5” most asked questions on the Facebook page.

Is Cabo Safe?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.  It’s always good to remember that everyone has different experiences when it comes to travel. Many of our members have never left their home country, while some are very well traveled. My answer is always, YES Cabo is safe. Don’t do here, what you wouldn’t do at home. Like in any city, if you go looking for trouble you may find it. ABSOLUTELY get off your resort and see what Cabo has to offer.  Cabo is a very safe destination for both tourists and locals.

Can I drink the water?

Everybody is different. I speak to locals that drink the water with no issue, but if you are traveling here and aren’t used to the water, why ruin your vacation with a tummy ache? The majority of restaurants, resorts and hotels have a water filtration system, including the ice. Your veggies and fruits will be washed in that water too. If you are sensitive, use bottled water (including for brushing your teeth!).


This is definitely one of the most controversial questions on the site! I am going to give you my personal opinion and response. When you travel to Canada do you take Japanese Yen? No! Use the currency of the country you are visiting. That said, our hardworking waiters, maids and service staff will not say no to USD, but keep in mind that many need to stand in long lines to exchange these funds to pesos, and then they are subject to the exchange rate too. Also, ripped or torn bills are NOT accepted at local banks, so please be mindful.

TACOS: the best!

Tacos, is there anything better? We get a lot of questions regarding where to go for the best tacos and Mexican food in general. What I love about Cabo is that we have everything from a local taco stand outside of the tourist zone, all the way to 5 star restaurants, so there is definitely something for everyone and every budget. I love to try new places, a little off the beaten path and have something authentic. Of course, being so close to the ocean, don’t forget to try fish, octopus and shrimp tacos…que rico! You can also take a guided “taco tour” and experience lots of fan favorites.


We get a lot of questions about the beach, I mean you are here to have your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand, right? Here are my top 3:

Medano: busy, fun, it’s a party! Medano beach is packed with vendors. It’s a swimmable beach and you have a fabulous selection of restaurants and bars right on the beach. You can rent chairs and umbrellas here, with beach food and drink service

Cerritos: one of my favorites! Cerritos is a surf beach, more low-key than Medano and about 40 mins outside of the tourist center. With limited vendors, it has a chill vibe. There are a handful of bars and restaurants along the beach and a few hotels if you choose to make a weekend of it. Surf’s up!

Palmilla: Palmilla is a calm, locals beach located just beyond the luxurious community of Palmilla. Get here early if you want a palapa, or bring your own chairs, umbrella and cooler. There are limited services for food or toilets here. A wonderful spot to watch the sun set.

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