jueves, abril 25, 2024

Lord of the Wind


Los Barriles, just 45 minutes north of the Los Cabos International Airport, is a wonderful place to visit, or as many have found, it’s the perfect place to call home. Whether the goal is to excite the adrenaline or embrace serenity, Los Barriles and the East Cape has much to offer. The Sea of Cortez is well known as one of the best places in the world for sport fishing, and it’s overflowing with wildlife if the goal is to simply observe. Jacques Cousteau got it right when he likened the Sea of Cortez to “the world’s aquarium.” Aquatic activities include: snorkeling, SCUBA and stand-up paddle boarding. On land, the activities include taking a quad out for a ride up an arroyo, riding a horse along the beach or exploring the numerous trails on a mountain bike or on foot. For those wanting to simply embrace serenity, there are many spas and yoga studios to choose from. When the sun sets, the evening options are plentiful! There are a variety of fantastic restaurants and hotels. Whether the desire is to be on the beach, in the town center, or tucked away from it all in a quiet venue, there are plenty of options. And of course there’s kiteboarding! In the winter months the wind picks up and the sky fills with colorful kites pulling riders across the water sometimes at astounding speeds. Other times, the rider will launch themselves into the air and either simply fly for an apparent eternity or perform some gymnastic-like jump / twist / roll / kick / flip trick! Watching this never gets old. Which brings us back to the Lord of the Wind, an event not to be missed. As enjoyable as it is to watch kiteboarders every day, the performances during this competition are amazing. This year the Lord of the Wind riders will also be competing for points toward the Mexican Freestyle Championship. The competition starts on Wednesday, January 18th and finishes on Sunday the 22nd. This year’s Boarder Cross / Slalom will feature obstacles that the competitors will jump over during the race. The course is set-up to be similar to the Boarder Cross Kiteboarding event scheduled in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The evening festivities start on Tuesday the 17th and continue every night thru Sunday the 22nd. Join the festivities on the beach during the day and/or at the restaurants in the evening. There is something for everyone! * The true winners of the Lord of the Wind are the local community. The towns of Los Barriles, Buena Vista, El Cardonal, and La Ribera, all benefit from this event as it is a fundraiser for the local Club Deportivo, a non-profit organization supporting local youth through sports and the Rotary Club (Club Rotario Cabo Este). The Rotary Club operates the local technology center, supports the local health clinic, manages projects for other charities that want to help in the area but do not have a presence, and provides assistance for urgent needs such as hurricane relief. For more information and to view the full schedule of events visit: www.lordofthewindbaja.com]]>

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