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Living Well In Baja




By Michelle MonroyPerhaps you don’t live in Baja, but you can still experience the evident wellness that this place has to offer. Los Cabos is not an island, but at times it feels like one. Not only because of the paradisiac beaches, the tropical weather, or the fact that we are on the tip of a peninsula, but mostly because of the “island culture” that is tangible throughout the area. Islands are often self sustainable; we use as much of our local resources as we can and the land and the ocean are the livelihood for many, creating a culture of care and pride for our home. The local culture is to take care of the environment and the health of our oceans. Along with this nature-loving culture, comes a culture of self-care, because enjoying the natural wonderland that Southern Baja offers is not only physically healthy, but it is healthy for the mind and soul.Los Cabos is a very special place to live well. You can do everything outdoors. Being outdoors and exercising releases endorphins, giving you what is often called a “nature high,” in the times we’re living we are fortunate to be where we are and be able to enjoy the outdoors. It doesn’t get any fresher than the Sea of Cortez and Pacific ocean breezes. Ecotourism is constantly growing in Baja, and with ecotourism comes responsibility and awareness, which has thankfully led to the implementation of protective environmental programs and activities in nature.

FOR THE ACTIVE BODIES there are numerous options that will get you moving while enjoying the natural beauty of Los Cabos. The months of November and December are excellent weather-wise, the temperature is pleasantly warm during the day and the ocean water is not too cold yet. On land, hiking and biking are widely available. Cabo’s landscape has so many hills and dirt roads making it an ideal setting for hiking and biking trails. Some examples of popular hikes are the Mt. Solmar at Land’s End, which offers an incredible view of Cabo San Lucas and Medano Bay, and the antenna hill hike which also offers amazing views and is popular for both biking and hiking. There is also the estuary, which is a flat and easy path that winds through the natural bird sanctuary that is situated right in the heart of San José del Cabo. The resort or community where you are staying might also have their own trails to explore.

During the months of November and December a few sporting events take place in Southern Baja, such as the Don Diablo Trails Run, the Baja Challenge MTB 100K and the Baja Traverse 140K, to mention a few. You can find more information about this in our EVENTS section.Now for the water; Baja’s vast and beautiful backyard. Kitesurfing season begins in November and Southern Baja offers a few good spots to practice this sport, primarily in the East Cape area, where kitesurfing schools such as Exotikite (located in La Ventana) are ready to receive novices or experienced surfers that just want to refresh their skills. Surfing is of course a must if that’s in your interest; November marks the end of the summer-good-waves season, so in December you might want to explore more of the Pacific side since it’s exposed to the west swell. Other water sports to try are stand up paddling, kayaking, and even flyboarding or a jet pack, which are all available in Medano Beach. Another way that Baja Californian’s live well is by the FOOD that we consume. As it is commonly known, this area of the World is greatly abundant in fish and seafood, which make very healthy and clean food options. What is not as commonly known is the fact that in the midst of the Los Cabos desert landscape, there are also areas with fertile soil where produce is farmed, making it easy to have locally grown vegetables and fruit on your plate every day. There are a few companies that buy from local farmers and deliver the produce right to your doorstep, and many restaurants pride themselves in offering locally sourced ingredients in their menus. The popularity of farm to table restaurants is ever-growing, and in the past few years several farmer’s markets have opened their doors throughout Los Cabos and Southern Baja. Finally, there is the growing WELLNESS CULTURE. Los Cabos is known to be an energetic place where calmness of the spirit can be obtained. The yoga community in Los Cabos is quite large and classes are widely available. Locally made organic and natural beauty and self-care products are available at specialty markets and also at farmers markets. Luxury resorts have brought a variety of world-class spas to the area, which all have uniquely stunning designs and excellent treatments, making it exciting when it comes to choosing what spa to visit, or which treatment to take depending on what you are seeking for. Medical spas are also very popular, which offer a variety of treatments done by trained professionals. What does it mean to “be well” these days? With all the attention that has been brought to us lately regarding our health, people are certainly more aware of it. In Baja we believe that you can LIVE WELL by being active outdoors and enjoying nature, by eating local and clean food and by nurturing your body and soul with some self-care. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. *

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