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LAS ESTRELLAS a restaurant review


By Bonnie Chase When the Destino Magazine team decided to start a true restaurant review, I immediately volunteered. I absolutely love food, and all of my travels have always been heavily motivated by my need to experiencing the food from around the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that having a healthy appetite necessarily qualified me to review restaurants, so I commissioned the help of a good friend of mine with a very extensive culinary background. Jacobo Turquie has run extremely prestigious restaurants in various pockets of Mexico and abroad, and earned those opportunities as a graduate from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. He was the perfect person to bring along. We chose Las Estrellas for our first restaurant because we wanted to do a breakfast review, and we had heard that they have a really nice breakfast. Las Estrellas is an outdoor restaurant on one side of a beautiful pool area with a large palapa bar. The palm trees that are sprinkled around are adorned with iron lanterns in the shape of stars (“Las Estrellas” is Spanish for “The Stars”). Our waiter immediately greeted me, placed my napkin across my lap, filled my water glass, and asked me if I’d like some coffee or juice. I love fresh juice, but I was worried that if I had one that I wouldn’t be hungry for breakfast, so I declined the offer when Jacobo ordered one for himself. What I found to be a show of good service was that the waiter brought out two of them, and told me that they’re extremely fresh and delicious, and he wanted me to try one. He was right! It was made with celery, green apple, spinach, mint, chlorophyll, and coconut water, and I loved it! When the server came back to take our order we weren’t quite ready, so we asked for a few more minutes, which might have been a mistake because several other tables were seated all at once, so it ended up being more like 15 minutes before he made it back to us. This was really the only downside to the entire experience. Once he took our order, it was a very short time before the food was served. Jacobo ordered the Cabo Benny, which is an eggs benedict, but with avocado, beans, chorizo, ranchera salsa, and cilantro. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros, which is an egg on a crispy corn tortilla with beans, ranchera salsa, avocado, and manchego cheese. It was heaven! The first thing I’ll say about it is that I ordered my eggs over-medium, and they were perfectly prepared. Over-medium is typically perfect for me, but I rarely get my eggs served that way when I’m out to breakfast. Jacobo’s eggs were beautifully poached, too; they were fluffy and delicious. We were off to a good start with the eggs! What really took the breakfast to the next level were the amazing sauces, which were flavorful, but not overwhelmingly spicy. We learned that they’re are all made fresh every day. Even the jams and marmalades that were served with a basket of freshly baked breads are all made in-house. The thing I liked best about our breakfast at Las Estrellas was the top-notch service. The waiter made recommendations for us, kept our water and coffee glasses full, checked in on us regularly, and brought us wet towels for our hands that smelled of lemongrass. While the food was really good, what made the over-all experience was the service. I would definitely recommend Las Estrellas, anwill personally be going back for lunch and dinner.*

For hours of operation and menus, visit Las Estrellas online at Las Estrellas Restaurant Los Cabos


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