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Imagine You Live Here


By Dane Posey An article was recently written in Cosmopolitan magazine by Noelle Hancock titled “Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream.” It made the Internet rounds and to date has been shared over 500 thousand times. If you were one of the few it missed, the gist of the article is that pursuing inner happiness at the expense of societal norms and impeding opinions of loved ones was a decision that the author would never regret. Many that commented on the article identified with the high demands of the “Rat Race” and felt they were chasing a retirement that, if fortunate, they would be too old to enjoy. Others had dreamt of living in a beachside paradise but lamented that the personal decision to start a family young had prohibited fulfillment. If only there was a beachside paradise within a 5 hour plane ride of the furthest Mainland US grandparent. A paradise with a beautiful language and culture to explore yet still had modern healthcare and conveniences. If this topographical unicorn also had top rated bilingual schools that gave children an irreplaceable learning experience it would be certain to appeal to the masses, right? Every single reliable excuse not to follow your heart to Cabo has been addressed since the Economic Crisis of 2008. This has made living in our shared paradise the best thing one could do at any life stage. It is no wonder that the rate of “Full-Time” residents in Los Cabos has increased 17% year after year since 2012. There comes a time during each vacation when we are being completely honest and think, “I could see myself living here.” At the very least, coming back often for extended periods has never been easier. Luis Palacio, Chief Commercial Officer for the Los Cabos Tourism Board, recently proclaimed, “From 2011 to 2015, Los Cabos added an unprecedented 800,000 airline seats…” With the new Southwest route from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport to San Jose announced in June, a week passing without a new Direct Flight seems more newsworthy lately. The increased competition for passengers to fill these seats has also done wonders for affordability. The beautiful locals native to the area are friendly and welcoming. Even those that have immigrated from all over the world will go out of their way to help. Letting them know that you are learning Spanish but speak it horribly (In Spanish of course) goes a long way in showing them the respect they deserve as gracious hosts. Soon enough new foreign neighbors will be asking you the same questions you once found yourself curious to learn. Advances in high(er) speed internet have made it completely possible to work remotely. Who wouldn’t want to send in their TPS Report while also rinsing off the sand between their toes? To the chagrin of Cabo purists Costco, WalMart, Starbucks, and the presence of Radio Shack would make you think you were in an affordable Newport Beach. Even In-N-Out Burger tested here leaving many hopeful. The ease of FedEx and DHL services allow for life to continue just like before except so much better. The proliferation of quality Medical Practitioners choosing Los Cabos as their home has been multiplying as well. In May of 2015 Hospital H+ opened its State of the Art facility to rave reviews and added even more options for Locals and Ex-Pats alike. High quality medical care no longer means a drive to La Paz. By accepting almost all international insurance providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an uncovered procedure in the area. In most cases a trip to the Dentist, Chiropractor, Dermatologist, or Physical Therapist will cost less locally than filling your grocery cart back home. Private schools in the area utilize small groups, leadership development, bilingual, and multicultural education to prepare their students to be accepted at all major Universities and Colleges worldwide. The learning institutions offer educational experiences that span from Pre-School to High School. In today’s competitive Global Economy immersing youths in a different culture and natural bilingual environment certainly would not hamper their admission application. The only other viable excuse is that you could never leave your friends and family back home. I promise that when they hear of your new address you will be pleased you decided on extra bedrooms. The next time you catch yourself reading and sharing the story of someone else that grabbed life by the coconuts without a single regret, remember that a beachside paradise awaits you right here in Cabo! * Dane Posey is a MLS Broker Associate with REmexico Real Estate Group and has a passion for all things Los Cabos. Email him:, Tweet him @poseknowscabo, or connect on Facebook:   ]]>

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