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IMAGINE you live here


you live here By Dane Posey There comes a moment during every visit to Los Cabos where the thought enters your mind, “I could live here.” I know a woman it happened to after a day on the beach at Costa Azul in San Jose del Cabo. She had been surfing since sunrise at the wave known as La Roca. Ride after ride the Sea of Cortez  kept providing her with opportunity. So inspired by her good fortune she chose to make the area her home citing that everything she needed was here. She bought a home on the beach where she could check the swell  every morning from her breakfast nook and be in the water shortly after tea. I talked to a man that it happened to while dining at a restaurant after his youngest daughter’s wedding. He had been running his company for twenty-seven years and in that instant realized he had not been present for a lot of big moments in his children’s lives. Surrounded by his family and a platter of assorted tortas he decided to go house hunting the next day for the family vacation home to never miss another important moment again. They have gathered there for every major holiday since. A couple told me about how when they were newly married and visiting on their honeymoon they found a flat rock to stargaze on in the East Cape where they swore they could see every star in the universe. Although they had never studied astrology, they were fairly certain it was all of them. They were sitting on the beach with a bottle of vino tinto towards the end of their trip discussing their favorite moments when a shooting star lit up the midnight sky. The next day they flew home, sold all of their “stuff”, packed the car full and drove the 1000 miles back down the Baja Peninsula. That was seven years ago. What should you do if you find yourself contemplating a new life chapter in the Baja? First, relax. This is a common emotion shared by nearly every visitor to the area. Next, share your thoughts. It is more than likely that the person you are traveling with is experiencing the exact same thing. They will appreciate knowing that they are not alone. Finally, locate an AMPI Real Estate Professional that has agreed to abide by the same Code of Ethics followed by the National Association of Realtors. AMPI stands for Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios. These Professionals have access to shared information and inventory updated daily through the Baja California Sur MLS. Whether you are looking for endless Summer, more time together with the people you love in a setting that no one will ever forget, or a place to live every day in paradise, Los Cabos has it all. That moment you go from imagining you live here to planning you live here, an AMPI MLS Professional is ready to turn that daydream into reality! *]]>

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