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Weathering the storm: How to be prepared for Los Cabos’ hurricane season.


Los Cabos is famous for its sunny days all year long, but even in paradise, the skies can get cloudy from time to time. Hurricane season in Los Cabos typically takes place during the last part of summer and the beginning of fall. During this time of year, tropical storms can develop into powerful hurricanes and cause extensive damage to coastal areas. Here are some tips to help you navigate the challenges and stay safe.

1. Find a safe place

As soon as the first hurricane alerts start coming through, your main priority should be to find a safe place to wait out the storm. If you are staying at one of the hotels in the destination, they will have security protocols in place to take care of your safety. On the other hand, if you find yourself in your own home or any other similar setting, make sure to have a safe indoor place where you can wait for the storm to pass. This should ideally be a place where water cannot get flooded easily and away from all windows.

2. Provisions, provisions, provisions

Once you know where you will be passing the storm, make sure you have enough water and food on hand in case you need to remain inside for a few days. Your basic disaster supplies kit should include a flashlight, a first aid kit, extra batteries, cash, rain gear, your ID, and important documents, all inside a waterproof bag if possible!

3. Cover all your bases

The storm may interrupt some basic services for a few days. Make sure you have reserves in case of water shortages, as well as enough charge in your cellphone and gas in your car. Moving outside is not recommended, but it is better to be ready in case of an emergency.

4. Move carefully

As the storm moves over Los Cabos, small floods on the main streets can easily turn into water streams. These are often too dangerous to drive across. If you absolutely need to move during this time, plan your route ahead of time. Keep yourself updated on the storm’s progress so you can make sure to avoid the most affected areas.

5. Stay alert

During hurricane season, Los Cabos’ authorities constantly share information through their official social media. Authorities often share updates in Spanish, but you can keep yourself updated by listening to English-speaking radio stations.

Should you be worried about Los Cabos’ hurricane season?

Hurricane season is not something to take lightly, but how little it rains during Los Cabos’ «rainy season» can surprise you. With an annual rainfall of less than seven inches, you can still enjoy many sunny days.



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