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“Hooked” on Todos Santos

Share Colin Sutton, of IndiGo Adventures, is a waterman, fisherman, diver and adventure extraordinaire. Colin is considered half man and half fish and he is always good for at least one story. In fact, he has even been «hooked» himself; he once caught a 300-lb. tuna which yanked him off his kayak for an unexpected dive. But that is another story.  He shared many of the reasons why he stationed himself in Southern Baja (Pescadero) to offer up his fishing excursions, spearfishing and diving adventures. Colin shared a recent adventure, «I just took a client out this week. Unfortunately, he busted an ear drum while we were spearfishing. Since we still had two days together, I was worried what to do with him, since diving was no longer possible. So I put him on a paddleboard rigged with a reel. A 60-pound tuna took the bait.» Colin followed him around in his boat for the better part of two hours, facilitating sandwiches and cold beers before the happy customer reeled in his catch. What is his future vision for this special place? «Diving and fishing is our passion. Our priority and our goal is to provide sustainable management so our future generations can enjoy the same high-quality experience we have today!» Todos Santos has little pangas and big fish to catch. The Pacific in the fall brings pelagic (migratory) predatory fish. Punta Lobos is a fun departure point and a true part of the Baja panga experience. La Paz has all sizes of boats and offers something for every palate. Colin suggested conditions are improving since whale sharks, which used to be seasonal, are now here year round.  Plus, La Paz is a diving mecca. The dive society has more than four shipwrecks for those seeking to enjoy touring as divers. Magdalena Bay is a fishing wonderland. According to Colin, Mag Bay has the best striped marlin in the world. The mangrove snapper is also abundant in the forests of endless mangroves. Cabo has bigger options both in terms of boats and fishing. For example, marlin can be caught five minutes from shore. San Jose, with small boats to gigantic yachts (and one of the most expensive marinas in the world), can provide rooster fish from the fly rod offshore and then to the banks for wahoo. East Cape: The Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is a huge success story celebrating 20 years of preservation, so one can visually see the abundance of life that makes this area so enticing. In the end, when and if you are ready to «get hooked» call or contact Colin Sutton at (907)707-6202,    ]]>

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