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Fundacion Tres Deseos


Giving Back: Fundación Tres Deseos By Sabrina Lear Fundación Tres Deseos Has a Heart for Art Founded a decade ago with the mission to “create key opportunities that open doors to responsibility, opportunity, and education through artistic expression for the youth of Los Cabos,” Fundación Tres Deseos (Three Wishes Foundation) may not be on your nonprofit radar. But that could all change soon. Now that Cabo San Lucas’ Circuito Cultural (Cultural Circuit) is back in full swing down at the marina Saturday nights, Tres Deseos is excited to be there and share what it does: bringing art and music to underprivileged kids hungry to live their dreams. With the help of local artists and musicians, volunteers are offering weekly classes, along with reaching out to the boys at the Casa Hogar orphanage. Existing entirely on donations and sales from its Shabby Chic Boutique, a unique resale shop in the Plaza Nautica courtyard, the lean nonprofit explores and networks to stay alive. Percusion Limanya, well known throughout Los Cabos for its use of traditional instruments from ethnic tribes in Guinea, Africa, has had a longstanding relationship mentoring budding musical talent. Artists share their gift of creativity, from drawing and painting classes to inspirational murals and public art projects. By bringing the arts to kids, Tres Deseos believes that doors open wide when imagination thrives. While many nonprofits are focused on basic needs, health, and education — and rightly so — it’s good to know that one small group has a big heart for art. Stop by the Tres Deseos booth on Saturday nights and meet the team. Volunteers are always needed; it’s a wonderful way to share your talent and give back to our Los Cabos community. For more information, call 624 141 6700, or visit Fundación Tres Deseos on Facebook. Let’s get the word out, Tres Deseos deserves your support for the arts. El corcho de Alegría When it comes to events like Circuito Cultural and what’s going on in Los Cabos and throughout the Cape Region, El Corcho de Alegría (Alegría’s cork board) is the go-to place for locals in the know. If you’re missing out, or want to know when and where the Los Cabos Youth Orchestra is performing next, don’t miss it. Visit the Facebook page, or have El Corcho delivered to your inbox. A very big shout-out to Alegría for keeping us informed.          ]]>

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