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5 Frequently Asked Questions: Foodie Edition

by Fiona Barfoot


If you consider yourself a foodie like I do, Cabo is a premier destination for tantalizing your tastebuds! One of the most asked questions on our Facebook page is “Where should we eat?” Here are the Top Five culinary Frequently Asked Questions, from one food lover to another!

What should we eat on the beach?

There are few experiences better than eating with your toes in the sand.You can find various types of restaurants and bars along Medano beach, but my favorite budget-friendly option is the beach vendors. Here you can find cinnamon sugar coated churros, served with creamy dulce de leche sauce. You can savor fresh juicy mango, coated with Tajin; a blend of dried chile peppers, lime and sea salt. There are homemade tamales, served hot and my favorite, fresh chocolate clams with spicy salsas and lime.

Where can they cook what I catch?

After a day out on one of our many fabulous fishing charters, you can really work up a hunger! I like to take my catch to my friends over at The Funky Olive. I love this spot right on the marina (also great for people watching). You can take your fresh fish and they will prepare it for you in various ways, such as sushi, breaded and fried and fresh tataki; you name it! Served with all the sides, as well as salsa and chips. Don’t forget to wash it down with a nice margarita. Not a fish fan? They’ve got great burgers, pizza and wings too, this spot definitely gets my stamp of approval.

What other types of international cuisines can I find in Los Cabos?

In Cabo, we have a lot more than just Mexican food! Japanese, Italian, Classic American you name it! One of my favorite spots is Everest Curry House. My hometown of Vancouver has some great Indian cuisine and this is my go-to spot when I am craving! The owners Sam and Thakkar are from Nepal and India respectively so you really get some authentic flavors. Some of my favorites are the creamy butter chicken, the mutton biryani and the paneer veggie tikka. Served with warm buttery garlic naan bread and washed down with their special lemonade. Tell them Fifi sent you!


What other culinary experiences are there?

Want to try more than just one taco joint? Consider taking a taco tour, which involves specialized walking tours to various ‘hole in the wall’ taco spots. I think this is a really fun activity with kids too. Some tours provide historical information abot the food you are eating and take you to spots you might not have discovered otherwise. Cooking classes are also a fabulous idea, particularly for bachelorette parties and groups. Many of our fabulous chef’s will do an in-home class and a few of our higher end farm-to-table restaurants offer these also.


Where can we go for special occasions?

Want to go over-the-top? Los Cabos has some fabulous high end choices for dining. From a seven-course meal with paired wine, sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean, to a true farm-to-table experience, we’ve got it all! One of my favorite brunch spots serves you the full menu with 2 cocktails. As a bonus, they have rescue puppies on-site for you to snuggle with and maybe even adopt! For these higher end spots, it’s absolutely necessary to make a reservation ahead of time, some of them book up months in advance.


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