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FISHING REPORT: All that’s fishy from Land's End to La Paz


FISHING REPORT All that’s fishy from Land’s End to La Paz by Gary Graham Fishing in Los Cabos this season has been like the Indy 500 — lots of green flags followed by yellow cautions.  However, recently the green flag is definitely flying! The billfish that have been a tease at best all spring have now come into their own, as fleet boats report counts as high as 20 striped marlin and sailfish for their anglers in a two-day weekend. “Fishing is off the charts and we have plenty of happy anglers and crews. Every single boat out this past week caught fish, quite an achievement by any standard! There has been a steady stream of marlin catches throughout the week plus a good mix of other species.” …Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Sportfishing. The football-size yellowfin tuna have recently been joined by some of their larger cousins, including one monster weighing more than 225 pounds that took over two and one half hours to land. Dorado that were scarcer than virgin margaritas all season have suddenly reappeared — lots of smallish ones with enough larger ones to make it interesting. The dorado were joined by the wahoo that never left, hanging out both inshore as well as in open water. While most are in the 20- to 50-pound range, there have been a few huge ones in the high 80-pound range. Not to be ignored is the extraordinary roosterfish, jacks, sierra mackerel and skipjack being caught a few miles offshore with the sprawling hotels onshore creating a unique backdrop. Farther up into the Sea of Cortez, the story is similar with a few walk ons — blue marlin that have begun arriving not too far off the coast of the East Cape area for the summer tournaments.  Anglers are also enjoying some productive inshore action for small dorado and roosterfish from the water and the beach. Plus there is a continued wahoo bite for a few lucky anglers. If a “bucket list” is your thing, up at Los Arenas and La Paz the locals have managed to score on a remarkable list of different varieties: striped marlin, pargo,  some dog-tooth up to 20 pounds, yellow snapper, white bonito, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, cabrilla, amberjack, barred pargo, jack crevalle, dorado, roosterfish, wahoo, rainbow runners, pompano…and SHARKS!  Lots of sharks! Talk about walk ons: Hammerheads…blues…thresher…lemon…mako…reef… Some of them were 200- to 300-pounders! It’s a rarity to have such a diversified list to chose from. Before you get cold feet about having a toothy critter in your boat, they are all released . . . This should be a memorable month for seasoned anglers as well as for beginners. Go catch something!]]>

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