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By Alex NavarroSummertime is family fun time and Cabo is the perfect place to enjoy many incredible adventures and fun activities with your loved ones. Here are some great suggestions to try out during your vacation. FOR NATURE LOVERSScuba Diving – book a scuba diving trip to any of the amazing sites with one of the numerous outstanding scuba operators. Maybe go to the incredible reef at Cabo Pulmo National Marine Reserve Park where there are many different sites at the various coral reef fingers for all levels of experience. The snorkeling is wonderful at La Sirenita beach at the south end of Cabo Pulmo bay too, and at Los Arbolitos beach which is very nearby. Or, check out the many cool dive sites near the Famous Arch like Neptune’s Finger, Pelican Rock and the Sandfalls. You will encounter a lot wildlife on this trip like all kinds of fish and underwater life, plus pelicans, seagulls and other beautiful sea birds; and also near the Arch you will observe the wonderful sea lion colony. Snorkeling – a super fun and easy thing to do, and Cabo has some fantastic beaches where snorkeling is perfect. Some top options are Chileno Reef, Santa Maria Bay, Pelican Rock and of course Cabo Pulmo and La Sirenita beach. Ocean Kayaking – some of my recommendations would be to do a trip from Medano Bay to Lover’s Beach, from Santa Maria to Chileno Reef, or from Cabo Pulmo Bay to La Sirenita Beach. In the first trip you can also check out the Arch and snorkel at Pelican Rock. In the second trip you can snorkel at both Chileno and Santa Maria. And in the Cabo Pulmo kayaking trip you can snorkel at the previously mentioned amazing Sirenita beach. Your concierge will help you book these adventures with the best operators.

Waterfalls and Hot Springs – one of my all-time favorite things to do, is to go to Santiago Oasis town just one hour north from San José del Cabo and drive into the mountains to the famous Fox Canyon waterfalls. There are also relaxing hot springs in the area, so just ask a local resident of Santiago the directions.

Horseback Riding – there are really nice places for horseback riding in Cabo, like beach and desert trails. This will be an unforgettable activity you can do with your partner or the whole family too. 

Turtle Release – an amazing and wonderful activity for the whole family! From July to October you can participate during the nesting season (egg laying) of the turtles, and during the hatching season (turtle releasing) from September to December. These activities take place at many different beaches in Cabo and on the Pacific Side too. A great place to find out about turtle release is ASUPMATOMA, A.C. (Southern Baja California Association for the protection of the environment and sea turtles of Los Cabos) via email at or call (624) 143-0269. Throughout 23 seasons of work, ASUPMATOMA has protected around 12,000 olive ridley turtle nests, and released to the sea more than 1,000,000 baby turtles. From July to January they have nightly patrols to protect the nesting turtles and to relocate nests to incubation sites to ensure the largest number of offspring turtles make it to the ocean. In Baja Sur, there are five species of sea turtles: the loggerhead turtle and hawksbill which only visit here to eat, the olive ridley turtle which nests here regularly, and the leatherback turtle and the black turtle which nest here irregularly.

Bird Watching in the San José Estuary – park near the Holiday Inn Hotel and check out this magical place which there are no words to describe. The perfect time is to go at sunrise, and you will be amazed at all the beautiful birds you can watch. There are a few watch towers and you can go into the palm groves or also walk on the beach side. I recommend first the beach side at sunrise and then go inside the palm trees near the parking lot afterwards. Cruise to the Arch and Sea Lion Rock – besides kayaking to the arch, also take a boat trip to these sites for a different perspective. Have some delicious food and drinks with any of the great boat companies that run these awesome trips. 

FOR ADVENTURE SEEKERS Surfing – you can’t go home without doing some surfing in Baja. Here within DESTINO Magazine you can find a list of the local surf breaks. All of them are amazing and range in different types of waves. But for learning to surf, the top beaches are Cerritos Beach on the Pacific Side, and Acapulquito Beach in San José del Cabo. Last month surfing was the main topic of this publication, so for more in depth information about surfing, please check out the May web edition of DESTINO at – many hotels and adventure outfitters offer stand up paddle board tours or rentals. This is a wonderful activity to get out in nature in an easy, fun and safe way. Skateboarding – there are two great bowls around I would like to suggest. One is in Pescadero town on the Pacific Side, and the other is on the main highway in downtown San José del Cabo. So, if it’s a flat day on the waves, check out these parks with the whole family. By the way, the Pescadero bowl now has a great skate school within the park. This bowl is the perfect place to get extreme skating due to its renowned steep and fast speed walls. The park also has other areas for practicing street tricks and a mini-U too. It is a nice spot for a picnic with the family as well.

Sailing – head out from Cabo San Lucas Marina or Puerto Los Cabos Marina and enjoy a wonderful day of sailing where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Some stops for snorkeling at Santa Maria Bay or Chileno Reef are the perfect addition to your sailing adventure. Fishing – as you know, the fishing here in Cabo is amazing. It’s always cool to check out the Arch on your way out to sea. Maybe go out with the whole family or maybe just with the boys. Jet Skiing – renting some jet skis at Medano Bay is also a fun and adventurous way to check out the Arch and sea lions. ATV’s – go off roading with your loved ones into Baja’s canyons and sand trails. Just a few minutes from Cabo San Lucas or San José de Cabo are many ATV and buggy operators that run the most exhilarating tours. All kinds of terrain can be encountered, so it’s a great way to enjoy Baja’s wonderful nature. There are also some operators that run Motocross and Enduro trips too. Zip Lining – for sure one of the best ways to check out Baja’s desert landscapes. There are many operators to choose from, but any of them offer magical and safe adventures. The kids will love it! Parasailing – checking out the Arch while parasailing has got be one of the coolest ways to do it. I would definitely recommend it. There are also tandem rides so you can go up with a family member or couple. Bungee – This vacation is the perfect time for bungee jumping and Cabo’s landscapes will make it even more unforgettable. Ranch Tours – hire one of the cool adventure companies that run these fantastic tours and take the whole family. Experience the beauty of Baj

a when you drive through the mystical desert trails and arrive at traditional ranches where you can see and taste the ranch life. Enjoy a delicious lunch at one of these ranches and learn many things about the lifestyle, wildlife, and plants of the area. Ranch cheese is very delicious, so try or buy some if they have it!

FOR CULTURE LOVERSSan José del Cabo Historic Art District – the main galleries within the Art District are Casa Dahlia Gallery, Enrique Bascón Art Gallery, Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery, Galería de Ida Victoria, Corsica, El Armario, La Sacristia, Old Town Fine Art Gallery, Mata Ortiz Pottery Gallery, Caravane, Arte Gallery, Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery, The Whale’s House Jewelry, and Frank Arnold Gallery. Downtown San José del Cabo is a safe and clean place with friendly police and security. Many people make strolling the Art District their pre-dinner activity and make a reservation at a restaurant downtown. There are many delicious restaurants in the area to choose from and there are also many food carts and stands with food choices like tamales, tostadas, churros, popcorn, ice cream, corn on the cob, etc. There are also many other establishments to explore at the Art District too, not just galleries. For example, there are jewelry stores, many real estate offices that offer unbelievable lots and homes for sale, and traditional Mexican souvenir shops all around. These souvenir shops have the full range of traditional Mexican products. You will find all types of katrinas, blankets, ponchos, sarapes, Talavera from Puebla, papel de amate, Virgen Mary and Sacred Heart items. Also, hammocks, maracas, balero toys, yoyos, Mexican flutes, tequila shot glasses, palm sombreros, Mexican revolution sombrero or Zapata sombrero, sombrero vaquero or cowboy hat, guitars from Paracho, Michoacan, damiana tea and liquor, and traditional Mexican sweets like dulce de mango, guayaba and papaya. There is art and decorations from sea snails, molcajetes or stone salsa grinders, woven baskets, carved wood figurines from Palo fierro wood, Mexican table cloths, all types of clothes and dresses like women blouses called blusa San Antonino, blusa tehuacan, blusa de pajaro, blusa roccoco and blusa tehuana (all from Oaxaca), and Huipil yalala, vestido (dress) San Antonino, vestido halter de telar and pabellones (mosquito bed nets) also from Oaxaca. From Chiapas, vestido de flores and blusa de tres tiras (three stripe blouse) and caminos de mesa which are table center cloths. Within the Art District zone is also the main downtown plaza called Plaza Mijares. Here you will find the church, and in the plaza square many local artists show their works. This is a beautiful area with many benches and trees. Some kids ride bicycles and you see a lot of smiles. At the far end, the tall flagpole with the large Mexican flag stands proud in the square. Around the corner in the same plaza you will spot the clock tower and the statues of some important men of Baja including Manuel Mijares who was a war hero, and from whom the plaza gets its name.

Typical Mexican Market – also in San José just a few blocks from the Art District, is the wonderful Municipal Market where during the hours of 7am to 5pm you will find many amazing things. Like fresh seafood and fish, vegetables, ranch cheeses, fresh tortillas, local bee honey, sea salt, piloncillo (raw sugar cane molasses), ranch meats, poultry and regional organic eggs. There is also a little store in the corner called Viva Mexico where you will find any traditional Mexican item you can imagine. For example, they have the magical piedra pomez (pumice) that is very good for many things like exfoliating and abrasive cleaning, and even in the construction of thermal walls.Blown Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas – check out the art of blown glass at The Glass Factory in Cabo San Lucas. This famous factory is a very entertaining, interesting, and fun place to visit with the whole family. You can find many accessories, gifts, home decorations like vases, kitchen items, tableware, cups and more, made of artisan hand blow glass. They have over 25 years’ experience manufacturing hand blown glass. You can watch the artisans blow glass, which is a fascinating technique. There’s a shop on-site for purchasing all the glassware and special orders are welcome. The Glass Factory is located on the bypass road to Todos Santos and employs over 30 artisans who produce almost 500 one-of-a-kind pieces a day. The Original Salsa and Salsa Tour Los Cabos – finally, let me tell you about this very fun and unique dining experience. Upon arrival you will be greeted by dancing chefs with a margarita and then be seated at a fantastic table with incredible ocean views. Along with the amazing views, the staff offers an amazing and unparalleled service too. Salsa and Salsa is a sophisticated interactive hands-on cooking and dance tour with energetic dancing chefs from all over the world. The tour begins with margarita making, then teaching guests how to create a variety of Mexican salsas, followed by an easy to follow 4 step salsa dance class. You will be instructed on how to use the mixing and cooking utensils, as you learn the history and diversity of each Mexican salsa and tequila. Recipe sheets are handed out at the end of the tour so you will be able repeat them when you get home. In addition to being a top Trip Advisor tour, Salsa and Salsa also does a lot of philanthropic work. It is for sure a fun choice! Check out their website at or email them for a reservation at fun and make this summer vacation a memorable one by doing many adventurous and cultural activities with the whole family! We are very grateful for your visit and hope you come back soon! 

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