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Exploring The Pueblo With Black Sheep Motorsports




By Justin Porter Biel

Set on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific, the Pueblo Magico of Todos Santos is the perfect place for travelers who want to get off the beaten path. It’s what Cabo used to be – a quiet town on the tip of the Baja Peninsula that feels lost in time. It’s a region where large rolling hills, desert vistas, and Cardon cactuses still outnumber hotels ten to one. That sense of wildness is what makes Todos Santos unique, and travelers who come here are usually the kind seeking a bit of adventure.

The landscape around Todos Santos is rugged and vast. A series of dirt roads crisscross the region from the beaches sandy shores to the foothills outside town, all the way to the base of Sierra Laguna Mountains. For most visitors, much of Todos Santos’ appeal lies in exploring natural the landscape and raw beauty in the surrounding desert.

But the area to explore is huge, and the trails to get there are rugged, and even if you had a vehicle that was desert ready, how would you know where to go?

Lucky for you, local tour operator Black Sheep Motorsports has solved these problems and more. Started by Todos Santos resident Ryan Gay, Black Sheep Motorsports offers UTV and ATV rentals for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind off-road Baja adventure. Sure, there are other ATV rental services in Baja, but Black Sheep Motorsports has created something unique.

Black Sheep offers self-guided tours with the top of the line UTV and ATV off- road machines, taking adventure seekers to a part of Baja most tourists never get to see. Offering two-seat and four-seat models, helmets, and emergency communication equipment, Black Sheep Motorsports offer everything you need, including a GPS system that tracks your progress on pre-mapped trails.

Black Sheep Motorsports offers four single day tours, and each option is different. On the «Dam Tour,» travelers will explore local desert surroundings, passing cactuses that are over 100 years old, and end at a dam with phenomenal views. For the more adventurous, the “Waterfall Tour” includes a four-wheel section through the Sierra’s followed by a two-hour hike to a waterfall. The “El Triunfo Tour” leads you to an old mining town, a historic site that is home to a smokestack built by Gustave Eiffel. Last but not least, the “Los Naranjos Tour” is a five-hour tour all about exploring terrain paired with phenomenal views.

Before recommending a trail, Gay likes to speak with each client personally to understand their needs, as each tour offers a different experience. For example, the waterfall tour is excellent for people looking to get break up the drive with some exercise, while the El Triunfo tour is good for families because there’s a break for lunch and historical sites to visit along the way. But when driving and adrenaline is the primary objective, the «Los Naranjos Tour» is the only way to go.

“The Los Naranjos tour has the most terrain changes coupled with the best views,” said Gay. “You really get to feel what these cars are capable of through this trail.”

If one day screaming down the dirt roads of Baja isn’t enough, check out Black Sheep’s five days, four-nights guided trip on the Southern Baja Loop. It’s a close as you can get to the Baja 500, and a sure way to make friends and family jealous.

Travel is about exploration, about pushing the limits and experiencing something new. No one in Baja understands this better than Black Sheep Motorsports.

Do you hear that? It’s the road calling. Now all you need is the right set of wheels.

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