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WATERSpring break in Los Cabos means there are endless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez. The area offers world-class fishing, and there are dozens of boats available for fishing charters. Jet skis and banana boats are available along Medano Beach for a buzz around the bay or a closer view of the famous arch. Many beaches offer boogie, surf, and stand-up paddle boards for rent, and some beach clubs offer lessons for newcomers. Zipper’s beach in San José is a popular local surf spot, while beginners may find the long surf and soft sand at Cerritos Surf Colony, north of Cabo San Lucas, to be more forgiving. Scuba diving excursions are also a popular draw in Los Cabos. Need to get certified? You can do that, too! Several local companies offer PADI certification courses, designed for visitors who are short on time. Guests can often receive a limited certification and be diving in as little as two days. Real thrill-seekers can try their skills on the flyboard: a fairly new water sport device akin to a wakeboard atop water jets. The power of the jets is controlled by an operator on an attached jet ski while the direction is controlled by the user, allowing one to fly into the air and be propelled under the water. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a superhero, this may be as close as you’ll get! One of the most popular natural tourist draws in the Baja is the high number of whales which migrate here each year. These spectacular animals can be seen spouting and breaching from the beach or hotel rooms, but whale-watching boat tours offer a real up-close experience. These tours last around an hour and a half and guests can typically spot whales, manta rays, dolphins, and other marine life within a few yards of the boat. An even grander experience can be found just north in the city of La Paz. Here, guests can charter a tour for the chance to snorkel among migrating whale sharks – gentle, plankton-eating giants which are the world’s largest known species of fish.


Cabo offers some incredible aerial views. Cabo Sky Tours provides breathtaking vistas as you and your pilot buzz over the Sea of Cortez and Cabo San Lucas in an ultralight aircraft. If an ultralight tour is a bit too extreme, try parasailing with one of the activity providers in Medano Beach. You’ll get a view from above while still being safely tethered to a boat below. On the other hand, if heights are your thing, join Skydive El Sol for a unique vista as you leap from an airplane at 12,000 feet and freefall for nearly a minute before a peaceful ride down to the beach. The Baja landscape provides a unique desert landscape for exploration, and several canyons in the area are home to adventure parks. These exciting parks offer high-speed zip lines, rappelling trips, giant swings and even bungee jumping!


The Baja has a diverse ecosystem and a beauty unique to the area. Travelers can find many ways to observe the local flora and fauna of Los Cabos, from up-close encounters with marine mammals to bird watching. One example is in the San José estuary, an approximately 125-acre protected region where dozens of species of birds, lizards, and plants can be spotted. For a different aspect, explore the estuary by foot, horseback, or even by kayak. Horseback and camel safaris are also available at adventure parks, offering knowledgeable guides and a memorable experience bonding with your mount. If you are looking for something a little faster-paced, try an all-terrain vehicle excursion. Local businesses rent various ATVs – four-wheelers, Rhinos, and Xrail buggies – for multi-hour trips guaranteed to leave you dusty and grinning!


Of course, no guide to spring break in Cabo would be complete without a nod to the fiery party crowd. Cabo San Lucas has been known as a party destination for years, and during Spring Break, it more than lives up to its reputation. Libations flow freely every day along Medano Beach, where throngs of coeds, pumping music, and animated emcees hosting adult-themed competitions leave no doubt that Spring Break has come. During the day, Medano Beach is the place to be. Farther up the beach is the ever-popular and raucous Mango Deck, where you can join in drinking, push-up, and even booty-shaking competitions while the crowd cheers you on. Billygan’s, SUR and The Office offer comfortable, quieter spots to sip delicious margaritas and watch people. Blue Marlin Ibiza at the ME Cabo is an excellent spot for some daytime dancing to the beats of EDM. Spend a day visiting these and other happening spots along the beach to find the one that suits you best. Once the sun sets, the party continues in downtown Cabo. With a bar seemingly every few feet along the main drag, there is no shortage of options for nightlife. The nightclubs and bars in Cabo are as various as the people. Do not miss the landmark Cabo Wabo for your classic-rock fix, or try Happy Ending Cantina to challenge your friends to a beer pong match. Mainstays like El Squid Roe and the Giggling Marlin offer rambunctious fun and affordable drinks. Live music can be found most nights throughout Cabo – just follow your ears. If DJs are more to your musical preference, popular nightclubs like Mandala, Nowhere Bar and La Vaquita offer open dance floors and spectacular lighting to drive your dance moves. No matter where you start your night out, be prepared for a bar crawl – most places are within walking distance of one another, and your new favorite spot could be right around the next corner.]]>

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