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El Saltito


By Joaquin ReneroIt’s no secret that Baja California Sur has some of the best and most pristine beaches in the world. From the world-famous Medano Beach to the surfer’s paradise at Cerritos Beach, there’s no shortage of places to kick back and relax by the ocean. But out there, somewhere, is a beach more special than any other. For over a decade, my friends and I have been searching for that unique beach. A beach where we could disappear, hiding away from the crowds and noisy vendors. A secret beach with clean-blissful shores and soft, warm sand where we could rediscover our inner kid, in a place not too far from where we live in La Paz. What we discovered was El Saltito Beach. Arriving at the beach, you’ll find yourself immersed in a vista taken straight out of Hollywood. El Saltito features rugged cliffs, turquoise waters, and a rustic ranch in the middle of nowhere that few have visited. There’s something about this secluded place that gives it a wild feel, a vista of waves splashing on craggy rocks framed by bronze-colored mountains along the edge of a perfectly formed bay.

Located about thirty kilometers from the La Paz Malecón (boardwalk), you will find this privately owned hidden Eden. The best way to reach this paradise is by car; begin your drive toward the thermoelectric plant through the Oceguera Bypass, then follow the signs to lead you through some of the most iconic landscapes of the peninsula with breathtaking ocean views framed by elephant trees and cardon cactus. Finally, you descend a curvy road until the pavement ends at a Y junction; from there, you should go right. The only thing left to do is drive down a few kilometers of dusty dirt roads, and you’re there. A safe bet not to get lost is to search El Saltito Beach on your cell phone. Map app directions will drop you right at the ranch’s gates, easy-breezy. At the gates, you will be greeted by a smiling security guard that gives parking directions and explains the rules to keep the beach clean and friendly for everyone. Of course, leaving the guard a tip is part of the deal.Visiting this amazing beach experience will require you to bring your drinks, towels, chairs, and snorkeling gear because there’s absolutely nothing on this secluded beach except sand. Most importantly, don’t you dare forget umbrellas and sunblock, because there’s nowhere to hide from the sun. Bring enough food to share with your crew, and plan for it to be a long day on these heavenly shores. Heads up, there are no bathrooms or cell phone signals here. Sunbathing is a sport in this tranquil sanctuary. But if getting wet is more your thing, snorkeling is a must-try. Explore the left side of the bay (as you look toward the water), and you will be surprised by the wide variety of marine life. The Sea of Cortez is home to thousands of fish and mammal species. These waters hold 35% of the entire world’s population of whales and dolphins. There is a reason Jacques Cousteau called it «The Aquarium of the world.» Fittingly, from here, you can even spot the island named in his honor.If you want to explore more than the beach and sea, there’s a nearly endless desert to be found past the edge of the water. Baja’s rugged sands are a nature lover’s dream, ready to be explored. But don’t forget to bring lots of water! After a long day of sunning, swimming, or exploring, enjoy a magical sunset over this majestic desert. Let the vibrant colors of the fading sunlight soothe your senses as the day comes to a close. The night brings all new sights and experiences. This bay is one of the few in Mexico where you can experience marine bioluminescence. A unique combination of nutrients, water depth, and wave motion cause this incredible phenomenon. Moving the water causes countless dim green points of light to explode as you pass through it momentarily. It is a true visual spectacle, worthy of camping overnight just to get a good look. The best season to witness this fascinating phenomenon is between April and December.There is no shortage of beautiful moments to experience here. Whether you are hoping to disconnect from the chaos of the concrete jungle and reconnect with your long-lost inner kid or simply spend the day with family and friends, heading to El Saltito Beach is your best choice. This gorgeous oasis is your oyster, and you will thrive among these mystical natural wonders no matter what you decide to do.Joaquin Renero is our local expert. If you’re interested in buying or investing in Real Estate in La Paz, contact joaquin@caborealestate.com

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