domingo, julio 21, 2024

Eco Friendly


ECO FRIENDLY Contemporary films such, as Cowspiracy, executive produced by Leonardo Di Caprio, make a well-researched statement about the importance of sustainability practices not only in social, political, and economical systems, but in our daily living habits. In this film, Demosthenes Marathos from The Sustainability Institute is states, Quietly and unmistakably, the most powerful thing someone can do for the environment — no other lifestyle choice has more reach and positive impact on the planet and all life on earth — than to stop consuming animals and living a vegan lifestyle.” Surprised? If you consider yourself environmentally aware, you must watch this film. “You are the thought leaders, you are the change agents, you are the decision makers. Join the global movement,” says Oscar winner Jared Leto in his EMA video environmental campaign for #ActInParis2015. The intention was to positively influence the 2015 Paris Climate Summit, where important decisions are discussed regarding planet wellness. Regardless of where you are in the world, leading green film programs advise us to identify ways to “walk the talk,” and to integrate sustainability across our span of businesses in front of the camera as well as behind it. Whether identifying opportunities for energy savings and innovation in production and distribution, educating our consumers via environmentally-themed films, reducing the carbon footprint of our productions, or activating and engaging our workforce with sustainable practices, we must mobilize our assets to protect the planet. In Los Cabos, conscious media enterprises such as Baja Sustainable, Namasté La Onda Natural, and Los Cabos Aware represent a creative wave on the rising; local and international celebrated entrepreneurs join talent and resources to support a sustainable business model, and inspire each other to not only be eco-, but to be life-friendly.]]>

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