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eco adventres2 Wonderful habitats such as Isla Espíritu Santo and Laguna San Ignacio give you the chance to connect with the natural world in unique ways. For a relaxing vacation, you can eco-camp and watch the whales, or paddle on a coastal kayaking expedition. Also, plenty of opportunities are available to participate in ongoing conservation research studies with local wildlife and marine biologists and naturalist. Eco is short for ecology, the science of studying the earth, the environment. The prefix eco- means environment or habitat. Eco friendly refers to goods, services, processes or people deemed to do minimal harm to the environment. To allow the local families who care about our ecology to serve you is the most eco friendly way to experience any land you visit, but we understand also those who enjoy adventure as a more personal experience and choose to explore the territory without help. For you, the thermal springs offer a great relaxing and therapeutic outdoor spa experience. El Chorro is a thermal hot spring near the small village of Agua Caliente. It is nestled in the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, a biosphere set aside and protected by the Mexican government. Here, warm water bubbles up from beneath the ground as cool water drizzles down the sides of the mountains. Other springs are close by and you get to swim and hike. There is a 20 pesos entrance fee per person. Make sure to bring snacks, maps and water. Another nature’s hot tub adventure is at the Santa Rita Hot Spring, close to the small village of San Jorge. Drive to Agua Caliente and look for a sign directing you to the small village of San Jorge which is about 15 minutes north. After you cross the Agua Caliente and San Jorge arroyos, proceed up a hill which takes you into the village of San Jorge. Continue on until you come to a left hand turn in the road which will take you to the Santa Rita Hot Spring located in Canyon San Jorge. A member of the local Ejido will take your entrance fee. A rock climb will take you to a small pool of warm water. The tranquil setting of the Santa Rita Hot Spring will give you a sense of retreat in nature bliss. Cascada Sol de Mayo is a beautiful Ecological Ranch. A family hiking experience that ends in a refreshing fresh water cascade rendezvous. They also have cabins where you can spend the night, a small eco animal display and a rustic restaurant where guests applaud the lobster tacos and you can enjoy the local family cuisine. This is a lovely place about 9 km outside of the charming small town of Santiago in the foothills of the Sierra Laguna. From Santiago to the entrance it’s a 20 minute drive on dirt roads and only a short hike to view the waterfall from high above. You can continue toward the right to other lakes and a much longer hikes or climb through the boulders which allow you to hike down to the palms surrounding the base of the waterfall. Known as one of the most successful conservation projects in the world, Cabo Pulmo National Park is a 17,000-acre Marine Protected Area established twenty years ago to protect the northernmost coral reef in the Eastern Pacific. WILDCOAST has full-time staff in Cabo Pulmo to promote the conservation of the coral reef among residents, visitors, tourism outfitters, and government agencies. This park is one of the best examples of coastal zone protection in Mexico. Experience firsthand this fragile coral reef ecosystem, alive with fish and other organisms. Join us to discover the wonder of this protected and pristine coastline while learning about WILDCOAST’s conservation strategies and efforts. May your Eco-adventure be full of joy! Protected Areas Conservation: The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) requires that all visitors to federally protected lands and waters purchase a park pass. For visitors on our expeditions, you will receive a Conservation Passport for $25.00 dolars. This passport was created to raise funds for the continued protection of the shorelines, inlets, and beaches that make this area so extraordinary to visit. The passport allows you to visit Mexico’s Protected Areas as many times as you wish for an entire year. For visitors on day trips, a $5.00 fee per person is required to enter the federally protected areas.]]>

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